Monday, July 9, 2012

The Bachelorette is Calling...

Another weekend come and gone.  How sad:(  It was a nice one.  We didn't do too much, but it was still good.  I went grocery shopping yesterday by myself which was a real treat.  It was so nice just taking my time going down the aisles.  I love hearing screaming children and knowing that they aren't mine.

I spent a lot of the day yesterday working on stuff for Kiki's first birthday.  Yes, that's right...her FIRST birthday.  I can't believe I almost have a one-year-old and a three-year-old!  It seems so unreal.  Anyway, I've had a blast doing some crafting.  I'm going for kind of a shabby-chic-tea-party-type-theme.  Hopefully, she loves it.  Let's be honest, we all know she won't understand any of it.  Well, she'll probably understand the cake and ice-cream.  She's understand that stuff for quite some time.  I can't wait for her to get her own little cake.  It's going to be classic.

I found these little frames in a dollar bin and fell in love...
 With a little paint and some chalkboard contact paper and wah-lah...tiny chalkboard signs.   
 I did a lot of spray painting.
 Proof that I'm not very good at it.  Even after tons of scrubbing, it's not gone.  
I heart mason jars!  Aren't these the cutest?
 Our dining room has become my workshop.  
There's a long story with these lollipops, but I don't feel like getting into tonight. :)
Are you seeing a doilies theme?  Yes, I've used them a lot. 

Today was the first day of Vacation Bible School for the girls.  It is so nice that they do it in the morning for toddlers, but it does fall right during Kiki's nap time.  She did relatively well.  Although, I had a very hard time keeping her out of the craft beads.  She really wants to be on the go.  It's a pretty relaxed setting, so I don't feel too bad about letting her roam around a bit.  At one point, she crawled right up to the front to where Pastor Logan (our youth pastor and Mark's friend) was leading the program.  He picked her up and you should have seen her face.  She wanted down and fast.  As soon as he put her down she crawled like lightening back to my lap.  I've never seen her move that fast.

Rosie really enjoyed it, but was kind of clingy and wanted to be held.  I couldn't hold her because I had to carry Kiki around, so she kept asking Jackie to carry her.  When Mark got home from work tonight, he asked her what she did at VBS and she said, "I carried Jackie around a lot."  Hilarious!  So anyway, I don't think she was feeling very well.  She told me this afternoon that her tummy was hurting.  She seems better now, so hopefully tomorrow will go even better.

I remember loving VBS as a kid and it was fun to have my babies be a part.  They did songs, crafts, story time and snacks.  It was really sweet.  We're very excited to see what tomorrow holds!

 Isn't this little guy adorable?!  
 You are looking at the tribe of Benjamin.  
 Kiki crawled right up to the front to listen.  
Their crafts...Bead Keychains! 

So guess who took her first steps today?!!  That's right, the Keekster did!  She only took 2 1/2, but she's making progress.  She loves to just stand around and her balance is getting better and better.  Whoa Nelly, I don't know what I'm going to do when she starts!

Is it bad that Rosie knows who Judge Judy is?  This afternoon, she walked by the TV and said, "Hey, Muder (she's started calling me that and I'm not sure why), it's Judge Judy!" I have to admit, court shows are my downfall.  I love to have them on when I'm cooking dinner.  It doesn't get much better than People's Court followed by Judge Judy.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  Well, besides Monroe.  Surely not.

Here are some random pictures we've taken over the last few days...

 She would rather do this than eat her food.
 They LOVE riding together.  
This kid loves onions.
She also loves just chilling out on the ground.  
 She has so many teeth!  We're up to 8! 
 My happy little camper.
 I love this kid! 
 They have started giving kisses to each other a lot.  Once they get started, they don't stop.  It's pretty adorable.
 Rosie still loves jumping...especially on my bed.
More Jumpin'!

I have to admit something...I'm very emotionally involved in this season of the Bachelorette.  I'm ratting Mark out here, but he is, too.  It's on right now and I really need to give it my undivided attention.  So, good night to you.  Thanks for reading.  I'd give you a rose if I could. (bachelorette humor)

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nicole said...

McKinley's birthday party stuff looks absolutely amazing! You really need to go into business with your rock, my friend. I absolutely love all the pictures of the girls....mmm mmm, those matching yellow tops are so sweet.

I am also incredibly involved with The Bachelorette. Who is your top pick? I can't decide and I don't think Emily can either. It's going to be a nail-biter for sure. Wish I were watching with you!