Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I promise I feed her actual food.

I've been keeping pretty busy with crafting lately.  I mentioned I've been working on stuff for Kiki's birthday, but I've also been doing stuff for Rosie's party.  Why, oh why, were they both born in the same month?!!  I think that's why I've been trying to get as much done as I can now, so I won't be overwhelmed when they get here.

Rosie has requested a mermaid party.  There are a lot of great ideas for mermaid parties online, so I've had so much fun recreating some of the cute things I've seen.  I've even come up with a few ideas of my own!

 Yes, I'm nuts and I made tutus and hair bows for each of the girls mermaids.  
 I just love these shell tutu bows.  I found some identical ones online that were $9.00 a piece!  I made them for MUCH cheaper.  
Starfish Wands 
Look what I found on the clearance aisle at Target!  I just love it and I know it will be great for parties.  

I tried out a new recipe this week for a squash casserole.  It turned out pretty good.  Well, at least Rosie and I liked it.  I didn't realize that squash wasn't Mark's fav.  :)  You'd think I would have picked that up after 8 years, but somehow I missed that one.  If you are looking for a good squash casserole recipe, here's a link to the one I used.  Enjoy!

 Note to self for next time...that's too much squash to saute in one pan.  
The finished product.

So, Kiki has eaten three markers this week.  I try to keep them out of her reach, but somehow she ends up with them and it's about to drive me nuts.  I ran upstairs to grab something this evening and Mark stayed downstairs to watch the girls.  As I was coming down the stairs, I heard Mark say, "Well, that's not good."  And it wasn't.  Here's what I found...

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