Monday, July 2, 2012

Ornery Girls

In spite of the debilitating heat, we had a wonderful weekend.  After sabbath school and church, we came home for lunch and naps and then in the afternoon we went to the Nudd's pool to swim.  We never get a chance to swim with Mark, so it was such a treat to have him along.  It definitely made the process easier.  Monroe got more one-on-one attention and became a lot more comfortable in the water.  Daddy definitely tests her adventurous side...what little adventurous side she has.

On Sunday, Mark went to play golf with some friends and I hung out with the girls.  When he got back, I went with Maria and her sister, Elizabeth, to eat at Papas and Beer then onto the Outlet Malls in Gaffney, South Carolina.  It was so fun and we all got some great deals.  I want to go back very soon!

I've been itching to craft all day today.  So after going to the gym, I headed to Michael's to get a few supplies that I would need for a quick little project.  I really wanted to make some little 4th of July bows for the girls to wear on Wednesday.  I think they came out so cute.  I really like this kind of bow and I can't wait to make some more!

When I was at Michael's, I decided to run into a few other neighboring stores.  Hey, when you can shop, sans children, you have to take advantage!  I found the cutest boat shoes for Rosie!  I wish I could have found a pair for myself!  I know they aren't super practical.  In fact, I don't think she's got a whole lot of orange in her closet, but I just couldn't pass them up.  Since when do shoes have to be practical?

Kiki had a hard time napping this afternoon, so we spent some quality time together.  She's a stinker, that one.  I took a few pictures of her being ornery...boy, is she ornery.

 Her ornery face. 
 Her "I'm sorry, Mommy" face.  She had just taken a bite out of my leg.

So the girls were playing in the office today and I overheard the funniest interaction.  Rosie said, "Kiki, you are clapping so good.  Good job, girlie.  I'm so proud of you!"  Before you go thinking how sweet she is, she finished it off with, "Kiki, you are not a good girl and mommy and daddy are going to punish you, silly lady."  Sisters!

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