Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Keys to My Heart

So, today I got a little bee in my bonnet.  I had happened upon a piano the other day at Goodwill, and I couldn't get it out of my head!  Growing up, we always had a piano and I always dreamed of having one in my home.  So anyway, I called this morning, and they still had it.  I considered that my sign, so I bought it.  Luckily, Maria was willing to help me out with the girls, because I would have had to choose between the them and the piano.  The minivan is not as big as it looks, people.

I'm so excited!  I can't wait for the girls to take piano lessons.  I so look forward to the flowing of tears that will come when I have to force them to practice that piano.  At least that's how it was at my house:)

It's not in the most amazing condition, but I was planning on painting it, so we're good to go.  I went to Lowe's tonight to try and choose my paint, but I couldn't commit.  I ended up with some paint chips and a sample color.  I tried the color out (See the paint on the top left?) and I'm not completely sold.  I'm pretty partial to yellow, but you may remember from this post, I'm HORRIBLE at picking paint, so this is very tough.  Any suggestions?  I can't wait to get started!

After it's all painted, I'll need to get it tuned, which I fear will cost way more than the piano itself.

Welcome to the family, piano!  So glad you're here. 

So many choices!!!!

While I was at Goodwill, I found another exciting item--this cute Nativity Set!  Monroe fell in love.

I kind of did, too. Especially for $4.50!  Who cares if it was missing a few minor parts:) All of the key players are there--Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.  The Bible doesn't even say there were three wisemen, anyway.  I think two are just perfect.   

Have you ever found something that you absolutely love, but you know for certain you will never be able to have it?  Well, that happened to me today.  I saw these amazing jammies and fell head over heels.

They are from Target, but they are no longer available!  I'm so sad, because I really, really, really love them.  Everything from the gold polkas to the black trimming, calls my name.  I will always mourn these pajamas as the ones that got away.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I have some super exciting news!  Well, exciting for me, probably not as much  for you.  But anyway, as of four days ago, I'm officially done with breastfeeding!!!  That only took 17 months:).  I still can't believe I'm free!  I've only been feeding her once a day in the morning for the last few months, but to be completely done, feels pretty amazing.  Don't get me wrong, I loved being able to do it.  I will always treasure that special time together, but I couldn't be happier to reclaim my body.

Well, I've got sanding to do.  Have a great night!  

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