Friday, January 4, 2013

The Minivan Club

Two of my friends got minivans this week and I couldn't be happier for them.  Jackie picked hers up on Monday and Magally texted me today to tell me she joined the ranks of "Minivan Mommas".  I would say 90% of my friends drive one.  How did this happen?  It seems like yesterday I was in college, worried about what to wear for vespers.  Now, I'm a mom of two kids and I'm feeling pretty great if my clothes don't have snot on the shoulder from snotty snuggles.  Wow, time flies!  I sure wouldn't change it for the world, though.  I love my mini-van loving existence.  I love looking back in my rearview mirror and seeing those two sets of big blues shining back at me.  What a blessing!   I also love driving a vehicle, that if in a pinch, I can fit a piano in.  That's a big bonus.

While on the subject of pianos, I am still at a standstill when it comes to making a decision on paint.  I'm leaning toward this look....

She sanded, primed, painted, stained and then varnished it.  Pretty big project.  Isn't that piano a find, though?!  Wow!  I finished sanding my piano and bench today.  I'm excited to have at least finished the first step.  Getting closer!!!

All sanded and ready for paint! 

A few weeks ago, Mark got a pull up bar and put it up on the doorway between the dining room and kitchen.  The perfect place, right?  Well, since then, it has become a family ritual to all do our pull-ups/hangs throughout the evening.  I used to not be able to do one, and I've now worked up to 5.  Kiki and Rosie both hang for longer and longer every time and Mark now does at least 40 pull-ups a night.  He's even added the girls into his routine, letting them hang from him as he goes.  I tell you this only to prove, once again, that we are a weird unique group of people over here.  

Look at her go!  Don't worry, Mark is under her:) 

Rosie, just hanging around.

The Mark and Kiki duo.  They make quite a team.  Is it time to take this show on the road? 

Tonight, Mark made green smoothies for us.  Kiki really enjoyed hers.  I mean really, really enjoyed it.  

I love how she is eating it off of herself in the third picture.  Classic, Kiki! 

It's been a nice relaxing evening so far.  I just finished up a batch of my Mom's spaghetti sauce.  It's always a big project, but just the smell is worth it.  Mmm!  Can't wait until tomorrow!   Have a great night! 



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Amy said...

These are the cutest pictures! I'm impressed by all the pull-ups/hangings (ok, that last word didn't come out right). You guys are gonna be buff!