Monday, March 26, 2012

Going Green

What a great weekend!  We took our time getting up and around on Saturday morning and had the girls nap early so that we could go to the Biltmore in the afternoon.  We packed a huge picnic lunch and headed that direction.  We drove around the property for awhile and finally settled on a little spot by the lake to enjoy our lunch.  It was so relaxing and after Rosie realized that picnics were not something to be scared of (she's scared of everything right now) it was thoroughly enjoyable.  Well, apart from the little scavenger baby that tried to eat everything we brought.  If you look in the pictures below you can see in the first one that she's spotted Mark's sandwich and in the second she's making a beeline for it.  

 She finally settled on a stick she found.

Rosie and Daddy had a great time throwing rocks and sticks into the lake.
Here she is giving daddy a high (low) five after and extra far throw.

I love all of the bamboo!  It's so neat and fun to walk through.

Here's a few pictures of the Biltmore house that we took from our picnic spot.  Beautiful!

After our picnic and another little drive, we decided to visit the gardens.  They are really at
their peak right now.  The tulips were incredible!

 Rosie enjoyed getting up close and personal with almost every flower/plant in the joint.  
I took a trillion pics of her smelling flowers.  

You probably wonder why I don't fix Rosie's hair, but I can assure you that I try.  
After just a few minutes she's either pulled it out or it's fallen.  

 She got really into the tulips and ended up with black marks all over her face from the pollen.  

We tried to get some pictures of the girls together beside the tulips, but they didn't really turn out.  It's sure hard getting both ladies to cooperate.  Here are a few attempts...

 Kiki LOVES to pull our hair.  We don't love it.  

The girls were pretty pooped after our day outside, but we came home and they were uninterested in resting.  I, on the other hand, thought resting sounded very lovely.  I took a little nap and Mark took the girls for a walk.  We stayed in for the night and watched a movie.  Mark worked on the computers (with the help of Stephen he's been updating both the MacBook Pro and the IMac) and I worked on some crafting projects.

Sunday included lots of cleaning and laundry, otherwise it was pretty low key.  We must have been craving green stuff because our lunch consisted of avocado sandwiches, sauteed spinach, salad and green smoothies.  I wanted to share the sandwich recipe I found on a blog I read.  It was a Chickpea and Avocado Salad Sandwich.  It was so good and healthy. I will definitely be making it again.

Last night, I went with a group of friends to see "The Hunger Games".  It stuck pretty close to the book, but there were a few differences.  It was a fun night.  Also, KU won, so life is good in the Murrill home.  

In some extremely exciting news (at least in my world), Kiki slept from 8 pm to 7:30 am!!!  I may have mentioned, but I'm up feeding that little girl at least once, sometimes twice in the night.  For the last few nights, she's been sleeping for longer stretches.  And last night...last night was incredible.  I haven't had a full night's sleep in almost 8 months!  I have to admit, I was worried about her, so I didn't sleep very soundly, but hopefully we are headed in the right direction.  Praise the Lord! 

Well, I better get to getting.  Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday!  

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