Friday, March 16, 2012

License to Drive

Well, I did it again.  I went way overboard on studying, when I probably could have just glanced over the driver's license study manual this morning before I went.  Instead, I spent last night reading the book from cover to cover.  I even had Mark quiz me over all of the material.  I knew that stuff backwards and forwards.   When I went to take the test this morning, I was surprised by how easy it ended up being.  I don't know why I always blow that stuff out of proportion, but I inevitably do and will probably do it again.  My new license should arrive in the mail in about 15 days.  I'm a tad bit nervous about the picture.  I can't know for sure until it arrives, but I have a bad feeling that I looked constipated.  I wasn't ready when he took it and it just might be my worst driver's license picture to date, which is actually saying a lot, because the others have been pretty horrendous.  I'll let you know when it arrives.

I spent yesterday cleaning the house.  It had been awhile since I had taken the time to really clean.  I didn't get it all done, but it should definitely make today's cleaning job much easier.  Maria brought the kids over in the afternoon and we were going to go on a walk around our neighborhood, but as soon as we got the kids strapped into the strollers, we heard thunder and the kids went nuts.  They were terrified.  We ended just coming inside and letting the them play.  They still had a good time, but I'm hoping the weather improves so we can play outside this weekend.

I finished a project last night.  Remember this guy? I got him at goodwill for $3.50.

He was looking pretty out-of-date, but with a little paint, he's back in business.  I love it as a chalkboard!  I have to say that I hardly had to do anything for this project.  Brandon cut the wood for the chalkboard and painted it for me.  I only had to paint the frame and attach the wood to it.  I even borrowed the paint for the frame and the chalkboard paint from Jackie!  Thanks to all who contributed.

Well, I better sign off.  I'm watching Brynley this morning and the girls are playing.  They are hilarious to listen to.  They definitely have their own little language.  I do believe they are starting to get hungry though and I know better than to mess with hungry little girls.  

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