Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Tale of Two Doors

So, I'm going to be real honest here.  What I'm about to disclose to you may make you wonder about Mark and I (if you didn't already).  I'm going to rat Mark out first.  He came clean to me this week that on Sunday when he took Rosie to the store he didn't realize he forgot to shut Rosie's door on the van before heading to a little sandwich shop.  So Rosie was just sitting there, with full view to the cars around her as they drove along.  The thought of it is pretty hilarious! Yes, it was dangerous, but luckily it was only for about a minute.  Still, I wonder what the other drivers were thinking.  I wonder what Rosie was thinking!  I've joked with Mark about his forgetfulness ever since.

So anyway, today I took the girls to the post office and to the store.   When we pulled into our driveway after our two hour trip, Monroe said, "Hey Mommy, the door is open!"  I didn't realize what she meant until I saw the front door was in fact open.  I remember I intended to go back and shut it after I got the girls in the van, but apparently I didn't get around to it.  That means our home was wide open to everyone for two hours! What's wrong with us?!!! Old age isn't treating us very well.  What's even worse is Mark has something on me now.

Today was kind of a rough day.  Last night I suffered from an awful case of insomnia.  I rarely can't sleep and I hate it when I can't.  I decided to use my time wisely and in those wee hours of the morning I concocted a plan to rid Rosie of her binkies, once and for all.  We had already limited them to naps and bedtime and she did great with that transition, until just recently.  I've been finding them in her mouth while she's playing and she'll frequently tell me that she's "sleepy" and needs to take a nap, so she can have the binkie.  I knew it needed to end and so I told her in exchange for her binkies we would go to the store and get her a toy she has been wanting REALLY badly.  She agreed and we gathered all her binkies, put them in a basket and decided to give them to other little babies that didn't have any binkies.  Things were going great...until her nap.  That's when things got real to her and she realized the binkie  wasn't coming back.  She cried, but handled it better than I thought she would.  I left her room feeling pretty great.

I came back a few minutes later to check on her and found her still awake.  Usually she's out cold in no time at all.  Well, 2.5 hours later she finally fell asleep...for thirty minutes.  Ugh!  Throughout the two and a half hours, I endured tears, whining, yelling...and you should have heard Rosie.  Just kidding:)  Mark put Rosie to bed tonight and it took her a good hour to fall alseep.  I know it could be a rough few days and nights, but I also know it will be worth it when we can finally feel completely binkie free!  Pray for us.

I'm getting pretty parents are coming next week!  It seems like forever since we've seen them.  I don't think they'll recognize Keek's.  She's grown so much and is all over the place.  She been doing some regular crawling today.  Not for very long, but she's starting to really get the hang of it.  She's been so funny.  She wants to be just like her sissy.  They were both laying on my bed today and I was tickling them.  They were both laughing so hard.  Kiki kept looking at Rosie and if Rosie was laughing, she would laugh.  Then if Rosie turned on her side, Kiki would turn on her side.  She was copying her every move.  It was so sweet and so cute.  I've never seen her do anything like that and it just made my day.

I'm really hoping for a great sleep tonight.  I can't believe tomorrow is Friday!  This week has flown by.  I'm definitely ready for the weekend though!

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Hanne Noel said...

this is merely suggestion. have you offered to get something new for rosie to be her "replacement binkie"? something to love on to soothe herself to sleep? claire always sleeps with those unfolded diapers. i used them as burp rags when the kids when they were babies, and they both became kind of attached to having one by their face when i put them to bed. some nights i would find claire sucking on it, in the beginning of the no binkie days. or fallen asleep with it trailing out of her mouth. just an idea. maybe a new bear, or lovey blanket or something of the sort. be of good courage momma! she will adjust. little darlings. oh and, one time i came out of an hour (at least) long target run, to find my van door wide open. it happens to us all. :)