Friday, March 23, 2012

Gone So Soon?

We are so sad that Stephen and Michelle left yesterday.  It was a great, low key visit and we had a blast just spending time with them.  They were really needing some R&R and I hope that we were able to provide it.  The girls absolutely adored them both.  

I really didn't take any pictures until the last few hours before they left.  I'm a schmuck like that.  I always regret it after, but at least I got a few.  

Stephen and Michelle surprised me with this beautiful quilt they found at a little shop in downtown Hendersonville. 
 I just LOVE it!  
Michelle brought her shellac and UV light and did my nails while she was here.  I always do clear (I'm boring), but I just love the way the clear shellac looks and it stays for so long! 
She also taught me how to make bread from scratch.  We made two loaves.  This is all that remains of our handiwork. 
I didn't have many skills to share, but I did show her something I'm pretty good at after doing it since I was a young girl...heat-rolling hair!  I taught her my technique for roller placement.  
By the looks of those curls, she's got the hang of it!  Kiki and Michelle were buds.  
Loving Uncle Stephen
My "little" brother and me 

Yesterday afternoon, we made the drive to the Airport in South Carolina to drop them off.  It was sad saying goodbye, but hopefully we will see them again soon.  We are planning a trip to Tulsa and Kansas City this summer, so that's not too far away.  On the drive to the airport and back, I was reminded of why I love living in this area.  It was beautiful.  I can't believe I live in such a gorgeous place.  The trees and the mountains are amazing.  I'm so grateful that I get to raise my little family here.  

Yesterday evening after Mark got home, we decided to check out a park we hadn't been to in Hendersonville.  It ended up being pretty nice and we had a good walk with the girls.  We will definitely have to revisit there soon.

To counteract all of the benefits of the walk, Mark brought home something one of his bosses gave him...

What you are looking at is one of the biggest chocolate covered peanut butter eggs ever.  It was seriously the size of a large man's fist.  I didn't eat all of that, don't worry.  Just a few bites, but it was pretty yummy.  

Poor Rosie started not being herself during Stephen and Michelle's visit.  We couldn't figure out what was up.  She was super whiney and clingy and one morning she woke up with gunky in her eye.  I thought maybe a cold had settled there, because it didn't look pink, just a bit swollen.  This morning, I finally decided to take her to the doctor and lo and behold she had pink eye and an ear infection.  She's now on a pretty aggressive antibiotic, so hopefully she's on the road to recovery.

Her eye got really pink this morning...Poor little lady. 
Getting ready to head to the doctor this morning.  I can assure you, that happy attitude didn't last long.  She HATES going to the doctor, although she was pretty pleased with her "Punzel" (Rapunzel) sticker they gave her.
Keekster, ready for the doctor trip. 
Growing up way too fast.

Kiki seems to have fought off the sickness so far.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that she won't get pink-eye which will be a small miracle with the way that Monroe can't keep her hands of Kiki.  All she wants to do is kiss, hug, lick, smell, sit on, etc. her.  

Our biggest challenge right now, is keeping Kiki reigned in.  That kid is on the move.  If you are holding her, she tries to launch off of your lap onto the ground.  When she's on the ground she's into one dangerous thing after another.  I never really had to baby-proof too hard with Rosie, but I already know that with Kiki it's going to be a different story.  

Today, I literally put her down for two seconds to warm something in the microwave and I looked over and she had crawled all the way across the room and was under Rosie's table trying to eat stray cheerios off of the ground.  What am I going to do with this kid?!

Who needs a vacuum, when you've got this girl?
Caught in the act

We got some sad news this week, one of my parent's dogs, Minnie Pearl, was killed by a car.  I know, what a bummer!!!  She was the sweetest little golden retriever and she will be missed.  My parents couldn't stand to be without (although they still have Mikey) and this afternoon they went and got another little guy.  They are still working on a name (my money's on Miles) but we can't wait to meet him.  Stephen and Michelle joined them to help pick out their new puppy and I guess, couldn't leave without one of their own!  Here's the pic Stephen sent of their new little guy...

I have to admit, that little sweet face made me kind of want a puppy again...just a little.  

We've decided not to go to church tomorrow, because of Rosie's pink eye.  We don't want to risk getting any other kiddos sick.  Instead we are headed to the Biltmore.  We bought season passes this week and we are eager to start using them.  It's so beautiful.  I really hope to get some great pictures tomorrow.  Have a great night!  Until next time...

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