Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kiki Goes to the Doctor

Yesterday was Kiki's ten month doctors appointment.  It's always kind of exciting to me to take the girls to the doctor.  I know that sounds a little weird, but I love to learn their stats and see how the doctor thinks they are progressing.

Kiki did surprisingly well.  It helped that she wasn't due for any shots.  Whew!  She did have to get her iron checked which required a finger prick, but she was tough and didn't shed a tear.  Her iron level is a tiny bit low, but the doctor didn't seem too concerned.  She said to try adding more of the iron-rich cereal to her food.  The big shocker of the appointment was her weight percentage...she's dropped to the 6th percentile at 16 pounds!!!  I knew she was small, but that seems extra small, especially since she is in the 72% for height!  Again, the doctor wasn't concerned.  She looked at me and said, "Do you realize McKinley hasn't stopped moving since she got here?  That's why she's skinny!  She's burning all of her calories."  That made me feel better.  It's true though, the entire time Kiki has jumping, crawling, walking along things or climbing.  She doesn't stop!

One funny thing happened while I was there.  I've been doing all kinds of research lately into what finger foods are good for 10-month-olds.  Kiki is so interested in regular food and less and less interested in baby food.  One thing that was suggested was soft cheeses.  I tried cutting string cheese into little pieces and she loves it.  I had brought a few snacks along with us to keep her entertained if there was a wait.  While we were waiting for the doctor to come in, I pulled the cheese out and she started devouring it.  When the doctor came in we chatted for a bit and then she stopped and said, "What is that she's eating?" I told her it was cheese and the most relieved look came on her face.  She said, "Oh, I'm so glad!  I thought it was cut up marshmallows!"  I almost died!  I'm glad she asked and didn't just assume I was the worst parent ever.      


Hanne Noel said...

have you tried beans? my nephews called them footballs. you can buy canned and rinse, then micro, or cook your own. high in iron! easy finger food. :) could even pack them in diaper bag. easy peasy! both of mine would eat them as babies. they don't like them now so much! but good baby one. :) what a little princess!

Stephanie said...

She eats black beans and loves them! I will try and introduce some others as well. The doctor mentioned those, too. Thanks, girl! I appreciate it.