Monday, October 17, 2011

So Close to Close

Today is the day!  The day we are set to close on our house.  We can't move in until Wednesday, but I couldn't be happier to be moving along in the process.  I really feel like things are looking up:)

We had a great Sunday.  After breakfast, we headed to a piece of land that Mark was interested in checking out.  He is very much interested in buying some land here for later in life.  I would love to retire here myself.  It is really an amazing area.  We then drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is a highway going through the mountains and is gorgeous this time of year.  People come from all over to drive it and see the changing leaves.  We definitely weren't the only ones who decided that would be a fun Sunday morning activity.  Everybody and their brother was there to enjoy the scenery!  It was so beautiful.

We took a lot of pictures!  I will have to post some later.

We didn't get home until later in the afternoon.  After Monroe napped, we went over to Mark's cousin, Elizabeth's house for dinner.  They just moved to NC, as well.  They live in the most beautiful setting I have ever seen.  It is just so lovely.  They are right on a little lake on rolling hills.

We ate dinner outside overlooking the lake and then chatted while the kids played.  It was getting dark, but Mark really wanted to try out their canoe.  We all packed up (they have three kids ages 3, 2 and 6 months) and headed down to the lake in the back of their truck.  Monroe was in hog heaven.  She thought it was pretty great to get to ride in the back.  Then we put the life jacket on her and you would have thought she won the lottery.  She loved it.  THEN, she got in the canoe and went around the lake with daddy and the other kids and her world was made.  She didn't want to get out when it was over.  It was really dark by that point, so we knew we needed to head back.  She wouldn't take her lifejacket off until right before we left their house!  It makes me a little sad that we don't have any land, but at least we have family and friends who are willing to share theirs!

In other Monroe news, she has started calling me Mom!  This is not sitting very well with me.  I am MOMMY or MOMMA!  I was feeling pretty bad until she started calling daddy, Mark:)  

Another thing that has made me pretty sad is that every time we leave Maria and Brandon's house to run errands, etc., she always asks, "We coming back?"  She's been moved around so much that she worries we aren't going to come back.  She adores their home.  I mean there's nothing you can't love about it.  It's gorgeous.  She might be a little let down when she sees our house:)  I feel so terrible that she doesn't feel settled.  I will be so happy for Wednesday!

Some good news is that Mark LOVES his job.  What a blessing!  I don't think there is anything better than knowing your spouse loves what he does.  In fact, I am literally grinning from ear to ear as I type this.  He really feels like he is learning a lot and really enjoys it!  So that's pretty awesome.  I'm loving my new job as well;)

Later tonight...

So we own a house again!!!  Yay!  I am so excited and can't wait to get started making it our home.  Closing was rather uneventful.  In fact, we don't even get the keys until tomorrow!

Tomorrow my job is to find us the perfect paint colors.  That should be fun, but hard.  I am notoriously known for choosing the worst paint colors.  In our Tulsa house,  I convinced Mark to paint our GINORMOUS living area the worst yellow color ever.  I envisioned a soft wheat color, but somehow came home with a bright garish yellow.  I accented the room in reds, so it totally looked like ketchup and mustard.  I always thought of McDonald's when I walked in the house.  After a few weeks, we ended up changing it to the softer yellow I had envisioned with paint color selection help from Mark's mom.  I felt horrible because, I'm not kidding, it was a big room to paint, but it really needed to be done.

In the same house, I painted our bathroom what was supposed to be a light green and ended up being this...

Let's all admit it, I don't have an eye for color, but I have really tried to do my research this time.  I will be looking for the perfect gray color.  It seems that it would be pretty hard to screw that up, but I wouldn't put it past me.

I'm considering this color...

I also like the "greige" colors...

Tonight, we went over to Mark's cousin's house again.  Their names are Elizabeth and David and they have the sweetest kiddos, Lauren, Matthew and MaryAnne.  We had a lovely dinner of potato soup, salad and bread ended with apple crisp.  It all really hit the spot.  The kids really enjoy each other, so it was so fun watching them play.

Now, I'm just hanging out on the couch watching "The Sing Off".  I think I will probably turn in early tonight.  Mark went to a movie with some friends, so it's just us girls and two of them are sleeping pretty soundly.

Just wanted to thank each of you for your thoughts and prayers.  I occasionally get emails and comments from some of you and they really mean a lot.  It is so nice to know that I have such a wonderful group of friends/family/bloggers.  Love to you!

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