Thursday, October 6, 2011

Falling into Fall

So, Rosie has had a rough few days/nights and most of the roughness involves falls.  We went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to look at books with some friends and she ended up tripping while coming down the stairs of the little stage in the kid's area and hitting her mouth on a wooden bench.  Her teeth made deep gashes in the inside of her lip and there was A LOT of blood.  I felt so bad because you could tell she was in a lot of pain.

Then, last night, she fell out of bed.  I found her crying in a little heap on the floor.  Poor little thing, can't catch a break.  Hopefully, things will start going her way soon.

I breastfeed Kiki in Rosie's room area at night.  She sleeps right through it and that way I don't wake Mark up.  Last night I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rosie sleep.  I've never seen anything like it.  In the 40 minutes I was there, she went from the top of the bed, to the bottom and even spent time on both sides.  She was on her stomach, then on her back.  At times she was in the fetal position and other times she was as stiff as a board.  My favorite was when she put her butt in the air.  She's quite the sleeper.  She also does some sleep talking.  I distinctly heard something about birthdays and then she said in kind of a sing-songy voice, "poopoo".  She's pretty hilarious.

Life in the hotel room is getting more and more overwhelming.  I swear the walls are closing in:)  We have had the hardest time getting Rosie to sleep at night.   Tonight for example, we put her in bed at 8:30, but for the next hour she cried, talked, sang & whined.  Two pieces of bread later and I can still hear her talking in there.  It's 10pm!!!  We really need our house and soon!!!

It's been hard not to be able to do anything crafty.  I found myself REALLY needing some sort of creative outlet.  I finally ran to the store last night and got some yarn so that I could do a little crocheting.  It feels good to do something productive in my free time.  It will be nice to be able to have all of my supplies and my sewing machine back.  Did I mention I'm ready to close on our house? ;)

Today, Mark brought us lunch from the hospital.  I have to say, it was amazing.  It was a total Thanksgiving feast...Dinner Roast (my favorite), mashed potatoes (my other favorite), green bean casserole, fresh steamed veggies, stuffing and sweet potatoes.   I love living in the South!  The food is totally up my alley.  Mark couldn't be happier because he can get his beloved sweet tea.  You can also find the "popcorn of the south", fried okra, everywhere.  Here at the hotel breakfast, they have little packets of "just add water" buttered grits instead of packets of oatmeal.  It's pretty funny.

I apologize for the randomness of this entry.  I have written little bits throughout the night and I know it doesn't quite flow very well.

I will leave you with a few pics of Keeks that I took today.  She's pretty solemn in them, but she has started giving us some smiles.  She especially loves to smile at her big sissy!

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