Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, question answered, we are sticking with house number one.  Besides pricing issues, the house had two mortgages on it which just would have complicated the sale.  I'm a little sad, but also kind of relieved because I know that the other house wasn't the right one for us right now.  I'm super excited to get in our house, though.  Our closing date is set for the 17th (in order to keep our interest rate), but we can't move in until the 19th.  Kind of a bummer, but at least I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have to admit, I was at my wits end yesterday morning.  The night had been horrible.  Both Rosie and Kiki didn't sleep, which means I didn't sleep.  I felt out of control and I ended up breaking down and crying.  It was all so overwhelming.  I just gave it all to God (the girls, current living situation, houses) and let me tell you, it ended up being a great day.  And last night was even better.  Mark had the brilliant idea of putting Monroe in her pack-n-play instead of in the bed.  We also really tried to wear her out yesterday.  We went to the gym and played basketball with her and really got her to run.  It all worked and she was asleep by nine.  Much better than eleven!

I realized that we were all getting pretty bored here in the hotel.  It has been raining here for the last few days and that gives us zero to do. I found a fun blog that had a list of fun things to do with toddlers.  Some of them were a little over Rosie's head, but some were perfect.  So far today, we've played with sock puppets, brushed each other's teeth (don't recommend this one), played peek-a-boo, raced cars, piggy back rides, and jumped from the couch onto pillows.  She loved it and it helped me, too.

Yesterday, we received something pretty great in the mail...a care package from Mom Murrill.  It totally reminded me of high school and college when my mom used to send me care packages full of goodies.  This box was full of treats.  Everything from toy cars to race to all of the stuff to make caramel apples.  It was such a breath of fresh air!  Thanks mom!  It made being here more bearable! Monroe LOVED it.  She kept saying, "From Memaw!"

I wanted to mention something pretty funny that Monroe has started doing.  If she asks for something and I tell her no, she looks at me with this really cute face, bats her eyes, turns her head to the side and says in a sweet little voice, "Just one, mommy?  Just one?"  Oh, it's so hard to say not to give in, but I'm usually able to resist.  

I have some pretty big news...this is our last night in the hotel!!!   Our friends, the Nudd's, are headed to Chicago to visit Mike and Melissa and have offered their house to us while they are gone!  We will be there until we close.  What a relief.  It will be so nice to be in a house again and it will also save us about $400!  Thank you, thank you!!!

Mark told Ronnie that we would be leaving and he really got sad.  He also surprised us with a big bag of apples.  Isn't that so sweet?  He told Mark that we better come back and see him!  I've grown pretty attached to the housekeeping ladies, as well.  I'm really going to miss them...but not enough to stick around.

Our Parting Gift from Ronnie 

I almost forgot to mention...I got my hair cut tonight.  I went a little nuts, but I needed something easy.  My hair hasn't been the same since my pregnancies, so I knew I needed to start over.  I've NEVER had my hair this short.  I figure that hair grows if I end up hating it.  

 All of the hair
The results

So anyway, that's what's going on over here.  In other news, my niece Vivian "Vivi" was just voted Lee Elementary's Student Body President.  Here are a few pics of her.  The first is her "mixing it up" for her speech (with help from her daddy) and the second is her with some of the signs that my mom, brother and nephew made.  Pretty cool!  Congrats, Vivian!  We are so proud.

Well, I better head to bed.  I'm very sleepy.  Love ya! 

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Kelsey said...

I love your haircut! Tres chic! Have a great weekend away from the hotel.