Friday, October 7, 2011

The post where I make ridiculous demands of people

I've explained before how hard it was to leave the people of Chicago.  We have such fabulous family and friends there.  Before I left, I begged many of my friends that they needed to either start blogging or keep their blogs up-to-date.

What a treat to see that someone actually heeded my request.  My beautiful friend, Kelsey, sent me an email a few days ago letting me know about her new blog!  Also, my equally beautiful sis-in-law, Melissa, has updated her blog (although her latest post made me cry).

So anyway, I was up late last night to breastfeed (and because I couldn't sleep due to watching a show called Infested, about families that have gone through various infestations of pests in their homes--snakes, mice, bedbugs, ants, etc...It was terrifying), and I started thinking about all of the people that I love and how I wished I had more time to talk with them.  Then I realized that these people need to blog!  Here's where I start making demands...

I am still waiting on an email from my lovely friend Nicole to let me know that she is ready to unveil her blog!  Nicole, you are just going to have to let go of perfect writing.  As you can tell, I sure did:)  You couldn't write something not wonderful if you tried.  You are so talented and I have to know what E is up to.  

Jenn, you need to start, too!  I would love to hear all about your running journey and to know what's going on with Will and Ella.

Kaylee Elizabeth, you must start blogging!  You are more than halfway through growing Kiki's bestie and I haven't seen even one picture of that belly of yours.  You could be the J.Lo of blogging because you are such a triple threat--you are an amazing writer, you are hilarious and you are a photographer.  Please consider it!

Andrea, you do have a baby blog, but you RARELY update.  I need more pics!  I have to know more about what you, Carlos and baby girl A are up to.  

Ash, you would have an amazing blog.  You are so creative and I'm sure you have a ton of funny teaching stories.  You could post all of the before and afters of the furniture you refurbish!  Oh, and wouldn't Jaime's be a fun blog to read?!!!

While I'm at it, Mom, you and our Tulsa ladies (Vicki and the Lori's) need to start blogging.  I know those posts would be so fun, hilarious and entertaining.  I miss Tulsa so much and would love to know how everyone is doing there.   Stephen and Michelle at least have blogs, although Stephen has fallen off the face of the blogging earth.

Mom Murrill and Grandma Murrill, you need to do blogs, too!  Mom M., I would love to hear what life is like now that you are living the life of a housewife!  What a transition you have made in the last few months and it would be fun to read about:)  Grandma Murrill, you have such wisdom and recipes to share!  A blog would be the perfect avenue!

Allison, I doubt you will read this, but just in case, I would LOVE to hear what the life of a hot young principal is like!  Another brilliant writer that I would so enjoy reading.

Kenneth, you are my fair weather reader, but I so need you to write a blog.  A little bird told me that you can write "books" if you want to, so lets channel that to a satirical blog that keeps me laughing.  Get to it!

And last, but certainly NOT least, my man Mark really needs to just take the plunge and get his blog started.  He's got a lot of great ideas, but he needs to be like Nike and just do it!

I must give props to all of my lovelies that do blog.  Tasha, I so appreciate all of your updates and Hanne, you are the most eloquent of mommies.  Mellie, I love learning more about Mei Li.  We now need to work on Mags to start up!

I'm also thankful for the ladies that I've gotten to know more through the blogging world.  Angie, Kate, and Anca, you are all so talented and wonderful mommies!

So anyway, I can't wait to read all of your blogs:)  Okay, I totally understand that you are busy and probably don't have a whole lot of extra time for blogging, but I can assure you it is very therapeutic and also is a great way to keep track of your life.  It's really fun to look back and see what you were doing three years ago.  I like to think that my girls will enjoy reading mine someday.  It's kind of like my legacy.   Go start yours!


Anonymous said...

Love this post! Might just be the inspiration I need. I'll let ya know if I get a blog started!

Kate said...

Hey, thanks for reading, enjoy getting to know you better too!(I heart blogs)Congrats on the recent move by the way.