Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Put on Pause

Our realtor said yesterday that the old owners would be out of the house by noon and she would call me as soon as they were gone.  Well, it's 4 and still no call.  What a bummer.  I really wanted to go over and get a feel for the place without all of their stuff in it.  Hopefully, I will get the call soon.

Nothing to exciting happening over here.  I've just been doing laundry and cleaning the house.  I don't want Maria to have to do any cleaning when she gets home if I can help it.

I've learned that I don't want a puppy for a long, long time.  Macy, the Nudd's dog, is very sweet and cute, but I have to watch it like a hawk.  She has already eaten two binkies and anything else she can get her mouth on.  I was changing Kiki's diaper and when I reached down to get the diaper, it was gone.  I looked all over and finally found Macy enjoying it.  Then I went and got another diaper and by the time I got back, the wipes had disappeared.  Like I said, very cute, but I want nothing of it for awhile.  Monroe would take her home with her right now if she could.  She loves puppies!  I'm sure we will give in eventually, but I will need some time.

Mark has been bringing us lunch home from the hospital almost every day and I have learned that I love greens.  They really do them up great there.  Every day it's been a different flavor, but always very good.  Today he brought garlicky ones.  Very tasty and very good for you!  The South is definitely rubbing off on us.

Did I tell you we bought a kitchen table the other day?  We have our one table that we got when we first got married.
Very old picture, but I couldn't find another of the table.  

We've never lived in a place that has both a dining room and an eating area in the kitchen, so we've only ever needed one table.  Now we have both, so our old table will go in the dining room and we needed one for the kitchen.  It needed to be small and I preferred a pub style for the area.  We did some looking around and this is what we found.  We got different chairs, but I really think it will look good in the space.

Look what I made today (yes, I am BORED)...

I saw something kind of similar on Pinterest (my current obsession) and thought it would be fun.  As you probably guessed, they are important dates in our family.  I just posterized a wedding photo and added the numbers.  Very easy and I love how personal it is.  I think I may get it printed and frame it for our bedroom.  

Okay, well, I better run and fold some laundry.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.  Love to you!

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