Saturday, October 15, 2011


Okay, so what part of Mother's Room, makes you think that you should hang out in there men?  This drives me nuts!  I have experienced a lot of different Mother's Rooms in the last few weeks and I now realize how important a good mother's room is to me.  I would have a hard time joining a church that didn't have a good one.

I have had some of the weirdest experiences in them lately.  At one church there was just a man sitting in there when I went in to nurse McKinley.  How awkward!  Luckily, he ended up leaving, but why was he there in the first place?  At another Church there was a lady with her two kids that were probably 10 and 12 years old.  Why did she need a mother's room, I ask?!  The kids were playing and being so loud.  At another church there were two older women that were taking two of the rockers and just chatting away like they were at a coffee shop.   At the church we attended today, I entered the mother's room and found that it was half mother's room, half overflow room.  There was an area for nursing mothers with a comfy rocker and a television to transmit the church service.  There was a curtain to separate it from the overflow area and give a mother privacy.  The overflow area had about 9 metals chairs set up.  When I walked in there was a lady and a man inside.  They each had  two children (I would say 5 or 6 years old) and were letting them play/yell/run.  The lady looked at me and my baby and said, "I took the comfy chair" and then proceeded to get up and shut the curtain blocking me into the overflow area and the metal chairs to nurse.  I couldn't even see the tv that had the church service playing.  They set and talked away about garage sales in the area while their kids played through all of church.

Why do I have my panties in such a wad?  I don't really know, but this whole thing just really aggravates me.  I just want to go in a quiet/semi dark room to feed my baby.  That's what Mother's Rooms are for, right?  Not a place for loud kids to play, older women to catch up, or men to sit and lurk!  

I have been to some phenomenal ones.  I loved Hinsdale Church's.   There was a sign on the door that read "For Nursing Mother's ONLY".  It was nice and dark and had the most amazing rockers.  It was soothing for baby and for mommy and allowed you to enjoy the church service at the same time.  Fletcher Church (the one we are really considering) has a similar set up.  So anyway, please think about this for your church.  I beg of you to make a nice soothing place for mothers.  It really means a lot to us and for myself, has become a deal breaker when choosing a church.  

Sorry about that rant!  Today actually was a great day.  We visited Mount Pisgah Church.  We went to see one of Mark's parent's friends, The Fullers.  We ate lunch with them after church.  It was nice to meet them.  He works at the hospital with Mark and she is a teacher at the school.  We then headed home and took quick naps and fed Keeks.  We then hopped in the car for a Sabbath Afternoon drive.  We went to the Dupont State Park.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  It's leaf season here and I can totally see why people come from all over the world to see it.  I really hope that the trees don't lose all of their leave before our parents come to visit.  I feel so lucky that we live so close to this beauty.  It's the perfect place to experience the fall season.

We didn't get back into town until after dark and we were all pretty hungry.  We decided to stop at our favorite restaurant here in the area, Papas and Beer.  Don't let the name throw you.  It's a little Mexican place and is know all over town for it's amazing food.  It is sooooooo good.  If any of you come to visit us, we will definitely take you there.  You will LOVE it, I can assure you.  Monroe really loves it there.  She's on a real chips and salsa (she calls it sauce) kick.  She can eat a whole basket of chips and salsa if you don't stop her!  

Well, I better head off here.  I want to cuddle with my hubby.  Love you all!  

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Melissa said...

Oh. My. Word! What a horrible mother's room experience you had today! You would think that people with kids would be especially understanding. I guess you'll find the right church fit in time, mother's room included. :) Love you and miss you tons!