Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Bow Downs Day!

Kiki had a rough night.  She had a bad cough and didn't sound too good.  Throughout the day she has started sounding better, so I'm so relieved.  Because of her being under the weather, we have stayed in all day.  We did have one treat...Jackie, Morgan and Ali came over this morning!  Rosie was beyond excited to have them and I was, too.  Kiki slept through the visit, but I'm sure she was excited, too:)

Rosie is not ready to let go of Valentine's day or as she call's it, "Bow Downs Day".  She loved it and thinks every day should include candy and new shoes.  I actually couldn't agree more.  Anyone else with us?!

The girls have so much fun playing together now.  I came in Kiki's room this morning to find Rosie standing beside her crib.  The two of them were laughing and smiling at each other.  So cute!  

We all took naps this afternoon and now we are just waiting on daddy to get home.  Pretty low key day in the Murrill home...just the way I like it. 

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