Monday, February 27, 2012

Hunger is no game

I'm hungry.  I guess that will be my state for the next few months...the state of hunger.  I started back on MyPlate today, a site that my sister-in-law Melissa recommended that tracks caloric intake.  It's actually very easy to use and makes it very simple to document all of the food you eat.  I'm glad to be back on it because it really helps me to realize what I'm eating.   Before, I found myself snacking here and there all day long.  If I gave Rosie a snack, I would usually take a bite or two for myself.  Not anymore.  I now have to account for every calorie.  Hopefully, I will begin to see some quicker results now.  My goal is to shed two pounds a week.

I'm almost done with the project in Kiki's room.  Hopefully I'll have it completed by tomorrow.  I took a few pictures of the girls' rooms today and I thought I would share.  They didn't turn out super good, but it gives you an idea...

Kiki's Room 

 This is the wall that the project will be hanging on, so that lone painting will soon be elsewhere. 

 This is the mobile that we finally hung!  I love that the branch is from our backyard in Chicago.  It will always remind me of our time there.  
 This is the wall that was formerly "burnt sienna".  I like it so much more now!

Rosie's Room
 It's kind of a mess...That's what you get with a two-year-old.  

 I have a little project planned for this wall, too.  It may take a while, but I'll be sure to share.  Do you see the felt board and basket full of felts?  Those were a gift from Mom Murrill.  Monroe LOVES them!  I need to find a better storage system though. 

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