Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance, Our Way

Today flew by.  With all of the cooking, cleaning, etc., it was 6pm before I knew it.  I tried to get a few pictures of the girls in their Valentine's outfits, but that didn't go very smoothly.  They both ended up napping at different times, so I didn't get any cute ones together.  What a bummer!  Here's what I did end up getting...

Contemplative Rosie
We made hearts on a stick today.  She loved doing it.  
We see a lot of that tongue.
The best of them together...Yes, Rosie's finger is in Kiki's ear. 

This afternoon, I got inspired and decided to create a little Valentine's centerpiece for our table.  

Our menu for our dinner tonight was Dinner Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Banana Cream Pie.  So how many of you like brussel sprouts?  Now, don't you all raise your hands at once.  Don't worry, I didn't think I liked them either, until my little brother made them for Thanksgiving.  I always thought they were slimy and yucky, but you roast those little puppies and things get good...real good.  You add pomegranate seeds and things get even better.  Nobody told me that both brussel sprouts and pomegranates were such time consuming foods.  I had to watch two different tutorials to able to make the recipe!

 My pomegranate seeds after all of my hard work!
Yummy roasted brussel sprouts!  Don't knock them till you try them:) 
 The Romantic Table :)  

I mentioned that I love Valentine's.  We usually keep it pretty simple...dinner and small gifts.  Tonight was no different, but it just seemed extra special for some reason.  We laughed because, as romantic as our dinner was, Rosie was eating at her little table about a foot away from us.  Romance changes as you get older, but it's romance all the same.  

It was pretty cute.  Mark brought her table and one of her little chairs into the dining room and she dragged in the other chair and placed Elmo in it.  Apparently they were on a hot date, too.

I went pretty practical for Mark's gift this year, but it was something he really wanted--some nice pants for work.  I know it seems boring, but he really liked it.  I also always get him a bag of Haribo gummy bears.  It's his favorite.  Mark got me the best gift EVER!!!

The most amazing running shoes!  Aren't they great?!  Behind the shoes is the card he got me.  I've never gotten a card that big.  What's even cooler, is that he filled up the whole thing with a letter to me.  How sweet is that! 

Someone else got some cool shoes, too...

Now she can really play some hardcore basketball!  Daddy knows how to spoil his girls.

He also got her a huge Hershey's kiss and some stickers...

 She LOVED the chocolate kiss, although she only got to eat a few bites before she went to bed.  

Kiki got a little special present as well...

Kiki loves that little puppy!  

I made Mom Murrill's Banana Cream Pie recipe.  It is truly the best pie ever.  I never used to like Banana Cream until I tried this pie.  It's delicious!!! 

Mark and I are now settling down to watch a movie together.  Mark rented Midnight In Paris.  I'm excited to see it.  Happy Valentine's to you!!

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