Monday, May 21, 2012

Fifth Ending?

So I was proofreading my blog from yesterday right now (yeah, I probably should have done that yesterday) and realized that I said we left the baseball game at the fifth "ending" instead of "inning".  This cracked me up.  I guess it just shows you how bored I was subconsciously while at the seemed like I was sitting through the ending five times.  I left the mistake because some things should just stay. 

This morning, while Mark was in the bathroom doing his hair, Kiki crawled in, pulled herself up beside him, patted him on the leg and said, "Daddy"!  She's said dada and mama before, but this was as clear as day.  You could tell that it made Mark's day. 

I found her climbing the stairs today, so I guess it's time to put the gate up.  We already have one at the top of the stairs, which I hurt myself on multiple times a day, so you can tell I'm pretty excited about adding another obstacle for myself. You have to be a hurdler to get around in this house.

Mark came home for lunch, so that was a treat, otherwise our day has been typical.  We did go on a walk this morning and we are about to go play in the backyard as soon as Kiki wakes up from her nap.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Hope your afternoon is shaping up beautifully!

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Tracy said...

LOL I love that you typed ending, that I didn't notice, and that you are keeping it there :) Made me really laugh out loud here at work!