Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is Your Mom Home?

Jackie and I decided to load up the kiddos in our van and go on a little road trip today.  Well, it wasn't exactly a road trip, but we did head to Greenville, South Carolina to go where else, but Hobby Lobby.  I've missed me some Hobby Lobby.  I have so much fun in that store and today was no different.  We really didn't go with a huge list of things to get, but we did end up finding some fun things.  I'm really excited about a really great frame I found for Mark's office.  Well, I got it for Mark's office, but I'm trying to convince him to let me keep it for the house...we'll see.  After shopping we went to Panera for lunch and then headed home.  We had such a fun time.  It was so nice to get out of the house.  I've felt a little stir crazy this week.

On our way home we were stopped at a light and my eyes caught something in the window of a little diner.  It was my husband!  Upon closer inspection, we also spied Alan.  We caught our husbands on a little "lunch date"!  Haha!  They actually eat together a couple times a week, but we thought it was funny that we ran into them.  It was also pretty funny that they were so wrapped up in "man" conversation that they didn't hear us honking or see us waving wildly.  That, or they were ignoring us:)

Rosie's favorite thing we got at Hobby Lobby was a little ducky watering can.  She has been watering the backyard all afternoon.  I mean literally the whole backyard.  Who needs a sprinkler system when you have her?...not us!

The weather was pretty nice today, so after dinner, Mark and I took the girls to the pool.  Rosie took a bit to warm up to the water but when she did she had a blast.  She's one that needs to ease into things slowly, so give her a few weeks and I think she'll just LOVE it.  Kiki, on the other hand, really liked it from the start.  She just kicked back in her floatie and enjoyed the scenery.  It was really quite precious.

So, I'm really liking my new hair.  I went back to my old faithful...longer bangs and layers.  It kind of feels like coming home.  I've missed it.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the highlights are pretty distinct, which puts a different spin on it and I like that.  I got my finger nails done with shellac last night, too, so for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm groomed up pretty good.  It's sad how you kind of let things like that go when you are a busy mom.  I'm sure Mark will appreciate the effort:)

So, I've gotten pretty used to being called "ma'am" in the last few years and I really hate it.  It makes me feel oh so old.  I'm also about done with finding gray hairs.  If I keep pulling them out, I'm not going to have any hair left.  I don't know when I got old, but it seems I have.  Well, I just had something amazing happen that I will treasure in my heart on those dark days when I'm up to my ears in being called "ma'am".  A college student just came to my door to try and sell me some educational books for kids.  When I opened the door, he asked if he could talk to my mom:)  Ha!  Yes, it was getting dark, but let's just go with it.  

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