Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let them eat cake...

Kiki has had a lot of firsts the last few days.  I looked away for a second at Mitchell's fifth birthday party and wouldn't you know it, that little girl found herself some cake.  She got a handful before I was able to stop her.  She liked it so much, that under Mark's watch she went back for more and was able to swipe a little ice cream from someone else's plate.  I hope we haven't created a monster.  

I can't get that kid to sit still for a second.  She's all over the place and enjoys getting into everything...the polar opposite of her sister.  Some other firsts for the baby book are 1) she had her first bloody nose and 2) her first bloody mouth, both in the same day!  Pretty devastating!  She's constantly climbing up things and falling, and those are just a few of her "battle wounds".  I'll be so glad when she's a little more stable.

We have had the biggest treat...Memaw's here visiting!!!  She arrived on Friday evening and we have had the best time with her.  Mark left on a business trip to Pittsburgh on Sunday, so having her here has been such a great help!  I'm so grateful for another set of hands.  She's really spoiled me these last few days.  She's watched the girls while I went to my exercise classes and shopping, changed a ton of diapers, cooked, cleaned and so much more...she's superwoman!  We've been able to do a few fun things while she's been visiting. We went to the Biltmore and the Antique Tobacco Barn (a huge antique shop).

Today, Rosie and I planted flowers in some planters for the front of the house.  I also picked up some tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro and basil that I'll plant later.  Sadly, my flowers got trampled when we had an unexpected hailstorm this afternoon.   What a bummer!  I did get a few "before" pics.  The after pics are pretty sad.
My sweet little helper showing off her dirty hands.
Flower Girl 
Ugh!  Hail is no good.  You should see our cars!
Look at all that hail!
My poor azaleas!  :(
Planter before...
Planter after...wha,wha 

Guess what Memaw brought with her?!!!  Rosie's Christmas present, her horsey!  Rosie named him Nick and she's in LOVE!

Kiki likes him, too.

Mark gets home tonight and we can't wait to see him.  After we pick him up from the airport we are going to head to downtown Asheville to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  I can't wait!  I'm always up for some chocolate and some lounging.

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