Sunday, May 27, 2012

Making Memorial Day Memories

We really wanted to make the most of this holiday weekend and so far, so good.   So, in no particular order:

* Went to Charlotte with our friends the Guytons
* Ate at Cheesecake Factory
* Went to a park
* Went to IKEA
* Ate at Which Wich 
* Went to Discovery Place (Children's Museum)  
* Celebrated Maria's Birthday at Olive Garden
* Went shopping 
* Did laundry 
* Cleaned the house
* Took naps
* Watched "The Descendants"
* Video chatted with my parents
* Went grocery shopping

And it's only Sunday!  I'm not completely sure what tomorrow will hold, but I do know that it will include a barbeque.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you!  

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