Friday, May 25, 2012

You Can't Win Them All

So, I burned myself really bad at the pool today.  My legs feel like they are going to shrivel up and fall off.  My skin is so weird and I always get the strangest burns.  Only the top of my legs are bad this time.  They are bright red and the rest of my leg is completely white.  I'm hoping they turn from lobster red to brown really quickly.

We did have a great time at the pool today, though.  The girls had a blast.  The kiddie pool is shallow enough that Kiki can walk around when she's in her floatie, so she and Rosie had so much fun chasing each other and splashing in the water.  We were the only people there for most of the time, so it was very relaxing.

Today, I tried to conquer something that I've been gearing myself up for, for quite some time. We started day one of potty training Rosie!  She was very receptive to the idea and was delighted to wear panties all day.  For most of the day we had zero accidents.  I would ask her about every ten minutes if she needed to go potty and she would say no every time.  I finally had to start making her try on the potty about every hour and...nothing.  I don't know if she was holding it in or what, but nothing, not pee or poop.  If she's wearing a diaper it seems like I'm changing them constantly, so I don't know what was going on.  Finally, around 6:30 pm, after Mark was home, she asked to play in the backyard.  I asked her if she needed to go potty and she said no and went outside.  About a minute later we heard screaming and saw her running to the door, a trail of tinkle following her.  She was devastated, poor little thing.  She just stood there with her head down and sobbed.  I explained to her that that's what happens when you don't tell mommy that you need to potty.  She wanted to take a bath, so I stripped her down and we headed upstairs to take one.  As we were walking up the stairs, she said, "Mommy, I am so sorry I wet my panties.  It was so scary and I am so sad."  Talk about heart wrenching!  I assured her we weren't the least bit upset at her.  Mark said that later she kept apologizing to him.  We decided to keep her in a diaper for the night.  I guess we just have to keep at it.  I'll try to keep you updated on the process.

We went to the library today to return Rosie's books and pick up a book that I had on hold.  When we got home and it was time for naps, Rosie asked to read one of the books we had just returned.  I explained that we had to give the book back because we were just borrowing it.  She looked at me sadly and said, "I  am so very sad about that."  This kid has had a hard day.

Tonight, we did some experimental recipes with the Vitamix.  They didn't turn out to be great successes, sadly.  There are a lot of amazing looking pasta sauces in the cookbook and I have been dying to try them.  I settled on the tomato alfredo sauce.  I have never done any cooking in the Vitamix, so this was my first go at it.  To cook something, you just put it on high and leave it in for about six minutes.  The speed of the blades end up cooking whatever's inside.  Amazing, huh?!  So anyway, I put in all of my ingredients and six minutes later I had my sauce.  After trying it, we were both a little let down.  I told Mark that I probably wouldn't be making it again, and he responded by saying he wouldn't be upset about that.  Oh, well...I tried.  I've learned the hard way to never trust an Alfredo Sauce recipe that doesn't contain cheese.

 All the ingredients ready to go...
 Almost done
The finished product...too bad it was terrible. 

While I was at the grocery store today, I bought a few peaches and thought they would be great on homemade ice cream.  I decided to try the recipe for vanilla ice cream.  The recipe really seemed "too good to be true" easy.   We decided to make the lower calorie version and I think that's where things took a turn for the worse.  Next time we will go full fat and I think it will turn out a lot better.  It wasn't horrible, but it was more the consistency of a pina colada instead of creamy ice cream.

What the picture said we were going to get.
What we got...not bad, but not creamy ice cream either.  
We aren't giving up on this recipe yet, though.  

Kiki's had a rough two days.  She's teething and new teeth really throw that kid for a loop.  Here are a few pictures I took of her right before I put her to bed tonight. 

You can see the newest tooth there on the right.  This makes three on the bottom and two on the top. 

I didn't hear her for a second and came around the corner to find her chowing down on some french bread that Rosie didn't eat.  She had the whole thing eaten in a matter of seconds.  

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