Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Freezing Time

Sometimes I look at my two beautiful girls and I...freak out!!!  They are growing up way too fast and it terrifies me.  I sometimes want to freeze time and keep them at their ages forever.  I just love the stages they are in.  As I write this, they are playing together in the next room and their laughter and shouts make me so happy inside.

Monroe Mary-Jean "a.k.a Rosie" 

Rosie is such a delight.  She's getting more and more independent in her thinking and it is so fun for Mark and I to watch.  We have to bite our lips to keep from laughing out loud most of the time.  My favorite thing about Rosie is her sweet little heart.  She wouldn't hurt a fly.  Well, she might, but she would feel horrible after, just horrible.  She's so conscientious.  She asks permission before she does anything.  She hates to be dirty and loves baths.  She asks to wash her hands about a trillion times a day.  She loves books and singing.  Her favorite songs are, "Be Careful Little Eyes", "Behold", and "Wonderful."  She loves to draw pictures and uses both her right and left hand.  She looks exactly like her daddy.  Rosie's a cuddler and I can't get enough of those hugs and kisses she gives.  She loves Jesus and is a very passionate little person.  I love her.

Some of her "funnies" from this week:

  • When I was changing last week, she came up to me and said sadly, "Mommy, I don't have any boobies!"  I told her not to be too worried about that and in time she would.  She seemed satisfied with that answer.  Later that week we went to the mall and I ran in Victoria Secret to get a pair of panties.  I saw her looking around at all of the mannequins and pictures and she said with aggravation, "Mom, I still don't have any boobies!" 
  • I was cleaning the kitchen last week and she came in and said, "Mommy, you don't have a Kitchenaid Mixer."  I have no idea where that came from, but the observation was correct.
  • I had just put Kiki down for her nap and Rosie was playing in her room being kind of loud.  I stuck my head in and said, "Rosie, do you think you could be a little quieter, so you don't wake Kiki?"  She answered me, "I'm so sorry Mommy, but I have to be very loud."
McKinley Joy "a.k.a Kiki" 

My little Keekster, where do I start?  I think it's funny how much I've changed as a parent after having a second baby.  With Monroe, I wanted so badly for her to reach milestones, to do new things.  I was always beside myself with worry that she wasn't keeping up with other kids.  Fast forward to now...I am excited for Kiki to accomplish things, but at the same time I get so sad.  I wish the kid would just slow down for a second.  Kiki is into everything.  She wants to do everything that her big sissy is doing and boy is she mischievous.  She smiles at me with this little grin when I tell her "No, No."  She's as sharp as a tack and I swear she gets my humor.  I fear she'll be walking before we know it.  She can climb into and out of Rosie's bed.  She pulls herself up and cruises along all of the furniture.  She eats everything in sight.  From bugs to dust bunnies, everything ends up in her mouth.  She loves being dirty.  She's the spitting image of me as a baby.  She's got four teeth--two on top, two on the bottom and she uses them as weapons.  She's not a big cuddler, but she's getting a little more snuggly.  She's mommy's girl, but will only give kisses to her daddy.  Her smile lights up the room and she's a very passionate little person.  I love her.   

Her latest antics:
  • If you growl at her, she will growl right back.  
  • She's started waving today and waved at me the whole time I was breast-feeding her.  
  • She follows me around when I sweep, so she can try and eat what I've swept up.  Isn't that horrifying!  I don't let her, don't worry:)  
In other news, I felt very "Betty Crocker" tonight.  I decided to try out some new recipes I found online.  We were having hotdogs for dinner, so I needed a side dish.  I decided to make Ranch Potatoes in the crockpot.  They are super easy and were pretty tasty.  All you need is potatoes, a cup of light sour cream, cream of mushroom soup and a ranch dressing packet.  Stick it all in your crockpot for 6 hours and there you have it.  

I had a huge carton of strawberries and a pineapple that needed to be used, so I got on Pinterest and searched for recipes that featured both.  The first thing I found was a Strawberry Pineapple Crumble.  It looked easy and I had all of the ingredients, so I gave it a go.  The pineapple was definitely the star of the show, but it was good, especially with vanilla ice cream.

After Mark got home, we went on a walk around the neighborhood.  It's been raining like crazy here, so it was great to get out.  The girls loved it.  After the walk, it was bath time and with Daddy's help, I was able to take a few shots of the girls.  

Mark rented a movie for us tonight, so I better run.  Also, book club is tomorrow and I'm only halfway through the book.  I need to get busy.  Thanks for allowing me to share my life with you.  Goodnight!   

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nicole said...

You are amazing for sharing your life so beautifully with us. This post made me so teary. Missing you and those sweet, sweet, growing girls of yours. Love you all.