Friday, September 7, 2012

Three in one day!!!

Wow, three posts in one day!  I'm on a role.  It must be all my free time now that I'm not a worrier.

This afternoon we got my phone fixed and I couldn't be happier.  All it needed was a new SD Card, but for some reason it took me about three months to get that taken care of.  I can officially take a picture on it again!  I'm super excited to rejoin the world of Instagram.  I've missed being able to take part.

We ran to target and spent our life savings on diapers.  I'm so ready to be done with buying those silly things!  I also ran in Goodwill to see if I could find any Christmas books for the Advent Calendar from my earlier post.  I hit the jackpot!  I was able to find the remaining ten that I needed, so I'm all done!   There were some really good ones.  I know some might shudder at the thought of buying anything from Goodwill, but I'm a big believer in buying books from there.  It all started when I was a teacher trying to fill the bookshelves in my classroom for cheap.  You can find new and almost new books for almost nothing.  I sanitize them and they are good to go.

I got all of these books for $5.00!  The Polar Express was brand new!

Today at lunch, Kiki had finished up eating and wanted to play, and Rosie was still working on her food.  I ran upstairs to get something and while I was up there I started hearing the loudest shrieks ever.  I quickly ran back down to check on them and was greeted by Rosie wailing as Kiki ran away with her veggie corn dog.  It was pretty hilarious to witness.

Scary Kiki with the stolen corn dog. 

Rosie really loved the outfit she was wearing today.  There was lots of twirling happening.  I had to get a few pictures of it.  I can't believe how old she looks!  

I'm so glad it's the weekend.  We don't have any huge plans.  Well, actually we are going to go to the state fair tomorrow night.  I have a feeling there will probably be some deep-fried something in our future.  I'll try to get some pics.  Happy Weekend!!!

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Melissa said...

Now, if you would just continue to post three posts everyday, I would be quite pleased. Keep 'em comin'. Thank you very much!