Thursday, September 20, 2012

You win some, You lose some

I have been on some kind of unlucky streak lately.  At Pilates today, I asked Maria for a huge favor.  I asked her to travel with me to Goodwill and watch my girls as I ran inside to look for a frame for a project I was working on.  Don't worry, it's not very far from our gym and she only had Bryn with her because the other kiddos were in school.  Goodwill just isn't a place I like to take kids into.  It seems like a disaster waiting to happen.  We thought we would stop and get a special coffee drink on the way, so there was going to be some fun involved, too.

Maria ended up going one way and I took a little short cut.  When I was almost there, I saw a man stop his little truck and come out on the road carrying an orange flag for me to stop.  He was wearing just overalls with no shirt underneath, so he didn't look very reputable or the least bit official.  Apparently, there were some people getting a new double wide and they were going to have to close down the road for a bit as the huge truck coming the other way delivered the goods.  I waited and waited.  I watched as the men struggled with getting the huge truck up a tiny drive way.  I worried as I saw the truck start to fall off the little wood planks they had set up to get it across an embankment.  I finally rolled down my window and asked overall man how long he thought it would be and he stated frankly (please read in your most southern accent), "Well, ma'am, it'll be at least thirty more minutes.  After they get this en' done, they gotta do the other half."  Maria had already ordered her coffee drink and was waiting, so I decided to turn around and go back the other way.  Oh, well!

The good news is that we got our drinks for FREE!  We had gone last week before the apple orchard trip and had found that there were little bits of plastic in both of our drinks.  We told the sweet girl that works there and she felt horrible.  She happily gave us our treats "on her" today.  Yay!

My Goodwill trip was a success.  I found just the frame I needed and I also found a few kids' books.  My best find was this...

I've talked about the Little Blessings series before.  I truly feel they are the best books for kids EVER.  I found the daily devotional for little ones.  It's perfect for Rosie's age.  We read today's devotion already and she LOVED it.  It sure warms a mama's heart and when your kid asks to read worship.

Since I've been home this morning, I've worked on two projects.  I pinned the first one on Pinterest a few weeks ago, but then a friend pinned it a few days ago and I was re-inspired.  It's why I got the frame I spoke of earlier.

Sadly the frame was a little beat up and was missing a few of the little raised dots.  Since I was going to paint it, I didn't think it would be much of a problem.  I decided to add some hot glue dots where the missing dots were and it turned out great.  Not perfect, but not too noticeable.  

I first removed the old picture.  I got a lot of compliments about the picture from old men when I was checking out at Goodwill.  I felt bad knowing that it was going to be removed and probably thrown away.  If anyone wants it for their dad or grandpa, it's yours!

After roughing the frame up with some sandpaper, I painted it cream.

While that was drying, I covered the backing of the frame with a some leftover burlap I had from another project.  I also painted a wooden "M" that I had on hand.  After the frame dried, I repainted it black.

After everything was all dry, I used sandpaper to rough up the edges of the frame and the "M".  I then put the burlap backing on the frame and, using spray adhesive, attached the "M".  Finished project!  So easy and so cheap.  The only thing I actually bought for the project and didn't already have was the frame which was $5.  It took me about two hours to finish the project because of drying time.  I was also making lunch for the girls, doing other "mom stuff", and working on my other project, so you could probably do it in a lot less time.

The other project I finished up was just painting the tray for my coffee table off-white.  I've mentioned it before, but I am HORRIBLE at spray painting.  I mean, really bad.  In this case, it didn't matter too much because I was wanting a very worn look and the drips and imperfections were exactly what I was going for.  I used sandpaper to distress it even more.  Here's the finished product.

So, I feel like I've had a productive morning.  Let's hope my afternoon shapes up as well!

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