Friday, April 22, 2011

A Very Good Friday...

What a treat to have Mark home with us today!  It was so nice getting the chance to sleep past 6am.  We always have great conversations lying in bed and today didn't disappoint.  

We got up and took Mark's car to the tire place to have a new set put on.  If you know Mark's car, you know it is running on its last leg.  It really reminds me of the Flintstone Mobile.  I am always so nervous riding in it because I always fear that something is going to come flying off of it.  I have to admit, the new tires really made a difference and I feel so much better knowing that Mark is much safer.

We ran to Target and then headed to Egg Harbor for a lovely breakfast with Mike, Melissa and the boys.  You really can't go wrong there.  Everything I have ever ordered has been fabulous.  Today was no different and the company was great, too.

After breakfast we came home so that Rosie could get a nap (she was beyond tired) and I went ahead and took one, too.  When we were all rested and Monroe had been fed, we packed up and drove to the Conservatory near downtown.  

It was so lovely.  Monroe really had a blast running around, looking at all of the beautiful plants and flowers, and just being a kid.  Here are a few pics from our day:  

Mommy and her girls.
 I thought Mark looked cute here.
 That's her smelling face.  She was attempting to smell the flowers.  
 I love this little profile.
 Isn't the plant crazy?!  It's ginormous!!!
 Such a pretty background. 
My little sweetie...FYI, I think she was pooping here. 
 Almost 21 weeks!  Look at that belly. 
 So Sweet
 Look at that!
 This kid loves to "fly"!
 We looked back and realized she needed a breather.
Family of 3 for a few more months!
Daddy and Rosie

Tonight has been very low-key.  We had our visit from the church lady.  She was very sweet, but I always get very nervous and uncomfortable in situations like that.  I think it's social anxiety disorder rearing it's ugly head:).  

I now need to start cooking for tomorrow's lunch.  Kenneth and the Meharry's are coming over again and it should be a blast.  I'm making a different kind of lasagna this time.  Hopefully it's yummy.  It's a friend's recipe that I have never made before, but I loved it when I tried it.  

Right now I have a little kiddo on my lap that really needs to head to bed.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing night.  Love from the Murrill's! 

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