Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today has been a blustery rainy day in Chicago, but I wouldn't know it from the warmth I'm feeling inside.  Yes, that just might be the cheesiest thing ever written by anyone, anywhere in all of history, but I don't really care.  I am just so happy.  Our ultrasound went great, and I just feel so blessed to have two healthy babies.  

When I went to my anatomical ultrasound with Monroe, the sonographer couldn't tell us anything about the health of the baby because the results have to be read by a physician.  We had to wait until our next doctor's appointment.  But at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department at GlenOaks, they have a Specialist who comes in after the sonographer is done and reads all of the pictures and takes more, if needed.  

Both the sonographer and the doctor were amazing and said everything looked perfect.  They confirmed that we are definitely having a girl, which I am very excited about.  It is just so nice to know, so the planning can begin! 

It's a girl!!  Impossible P is confirmed. 
Isn't her little profile ADORABLE!  I am so in love. 

The doctor did give me some helpful information.  Because Monroe was a preemie, she wants me to start timing my contractions as soon as they start.  If I have at least 4 in an hour before 34 weeks or 6 in an hour after 34 weeks, I need to call Dr. Upputuri right away.  I wasn't good about that with Monroe.  I just always chalked up all contractions to Braxton Hick's and didn't worry about them.  I didn't realize that was a sign that Monroe might come early.  Good to know for this time around.  

One thing she mentioned that kind of stressed me out, is that I am not supposed to pick Monroe up after 24 weeks!  That seems impossible, to say the least.  We have a rough few months ahead:)  

I have kind of a TMI story.  It's really quite embarrassing, but it had Mark and I laughing so hard, I really feel that I should share.  So, you all know about my fall on Friday.  My bottom still hurts and I was curious if it had bruised.  I kind of mooned Mark and asked him to check and see if he saw any bruising.  Just as he was looking, I felt two tiny little hands start doing the "wax on, wax off" on my bare butt cheeks.  It was completely surprising and I was almost shocked.  Then she just started dying laughing.  We were all in stitches.  It was definitely a moment I won't forget any time soon.  So much for personal space:)  

I'm feeling a lot better and really all that remains from my sickness is a lingering cough.  It sounds a lot nastier than it really is.  I also haven't thrown up in a few days!  That's always a plus:)  

Well, that's pretty much all that's been going on over here.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Mark has to take a mandatory PDO in the next two weeks.  We thought it would be great for him to take Friday off.  I can't wait.  We are still planning all of the ins and outs, but we are going to have a little family day.  We don't have a whole lot of time left as a three person family.  I know we have to savor every moment with just Monroe and make as many special memories as possible.  It should be great.  I'll be sure to document it:) 

Have a great night! 

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Mellie said...

Yay for Impossible P! Her pictures are adorable and she looks just perfect. I'm so happy for you.

Thanks for sharing that story, I don't think it was TMI at all and was totally worth the laugh. Kids are just too funny.

Have a great family day on Friday. I am always begging Dave to take random PDO's just to spend time with us girls, so it's a blessing when it happens.

Love and miss you all!