Thursday, April 28, 2011

Potties and Taco Bell

You're not going to believe this, but I got everything done on my list for today!  I know!

I got groceries (I usually do this on Sunday, but long story short...I'm a little late),  I sorted through my summer/winter clothes,  I visited the crib/bed store, I worked on the mobile, and I ran to TJ Maxx to see if I could find any cute things for Impossible P's room.  I guess I didn't do that much, but I feel accomplished.

I have finished 4 birds for the mobile and I think I may have found a branch.  I'm not completely sure, but it's definitely got some potential.  I'll see what it looks like after I paint it white.  Here are the birds I have done.  They are lying on top of the bedding.  I haven't quite decided how many birds I am going to make.  Four kind of seems like too few.  I also am toying with the idea of adding some cute little wings and some detail.  I don't want to go overboard, though.  Any thoughts?

I really intended to take some pictures of Monroe and her potty today, but for some reason, it didn't happen. I was able to capture a picture of just the potty, though.  The potty is so much easier to deal
with. It didn't wiggle, run or yell "NO!".  I could take pictures of this thing all day!

Here is a little something I picked up at my grocery store today for $5.99!  I am so excited.  I've been intending on getting a hanging plant for quite awhile, but just hadn't and then I found this beauty for such a great price.  It was super chilly today, so I'll probably keep it inside until I'm sure it won't freeze.

So earlier I mentioned I went to the crib/bed place down the street.  It really surprised me!  It ended up being much nicer than I would have thought and had a very large selection inside. Sadly, it didn't carry any toddler beds.  I guess that means that the Ikea bed is a done deal.

The place did have a large array of gliders.  Mark told me, even before we were pregnant with I.P., that when we had another baby, the only thing he really wanted was a nice glider.  You may recall that with Monroe, we bought a wooden one on craigslist for $50.  I recovered the pads and it works well, except for the fact that it isn't very comfy.  I mean, I would never fall asleep rocking Rosie in it.  Many of our friends have really amazing ones and trying them out really sold me on the idea, as well.  You may already know, but nice gliders are expensive, but Mark said it was well worth the investment.

So anyway, they really have nice gliders there at a good price.  When Mark got home, I convinced him to go back to the store with me, and he too, was impressed.  I think we are definitely going to order one. We haven't quite nailed down the fabric (kind and color) we want, but we found a few we really liked.  I am so excited!

When Monroe and I were out on the town, we decided to stop into Taco Bell for a quick lunch. (Yes, pregnancy has brought out my inner urge for gourmet cuisine.)  As we were sitting there, two little old ladies (one black, one white) came shuffling in.  They were both very small and dressed in their Sunday best.  One even had a huge hat on.  I thought they were so cute and it made me chuckle that they chose TB for their luncheon. Then one of the ladies went to get their order.  They had ordered the huge meal deal between them!  There were like 12 tacos and 8 burritos.  I seriously thought about sticking around to see if they finished it all, but I didn't have all day.  What a treat to see!  I hope that I do funny things like that when I'm old.

As I was eating and chatting with my little girl, I was struck that I really do have a little girl now.  She was talking back to me and eating like a regular grown-up (only miniature).  I couldn't help but just stare at her.  She's growing up before my eyes.  I realized how important that every second is; every ordinary trip to TB.  I'm really getting sentimental in my old age.

Speaking of old age (just kidding), it's my brother Shane's 36th birthday tomorrow.  I miss him and love him very much.  Here is a pic of him and my niece, Kamryn.

Happy Birthday, Brother!  I love you!  

Well, I've got work tomorrow, so I better head to bed.  It will be very strange working on a Friday.  Hopefully the day flies by and I can get home to my sweeties.  Love you all! 

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