Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Same, But Different

Boy, am I tired.  I mean completely and utterly exhausted.  I keep looking at my cleaning schedule and I literally cannot bring myself to get off of the couch.  I tell you, these three day work weeks really knock me off my feet.  I can't complain--work went well, but, I am oh so happy to be done for awhile.  

I'm starting to get pretty excited because some of my closest friends are going to be coming into town in the next few weeks.  At the very first of June, my friends Ashley and Jaime are flying in.  The day they leave, Tasha and Colton are coming and soon after, there is a very good chance that Andrea and Carlos are coming.  I've also caught wind of another possible Baughman visit in July.  I can't wait!  Lots to look forward to.

My baby belly is definitely making itself known.  I am much bigger than I was with Monroe at 20 weeks.  There is this tiny little girl at work that is 36 weeks and I swear, I am bigger than her.  How embarrassing!  

So, with the revelation of us having a girl, came the "okay" to start room planning.  I really liked our boy room plan, but I'm excited about doing a girl plan now.  Of course, there won't be quite as much planning involved this time around.  I've decided to reuse Monroe's bedding for Impossible P because 1) I still really love it, 2) It was too expensive not to use again, and 3) We are Chicago Poor (if you live in or around Chicago, you understand what I mean).  

Even though she won't be getting new bedding, I still want to make I.P.'s room, extra special for her.  I have figured that I can accomplish that with pictures, wall hangings, the mobile and other fun decor.  Last night, I was perusing the internet, looking for an "Inspiration Room", and I really think I found it.  I just love the look of this.  I've figured out how to make the little pictures and the adorable little mobile and I can't wait to get started.   I really am jazzed about the very shabby chicness of this room.  

Monroe's bedding has owls, birds and trees in it.  I focused on owls and butterflies, but with I.P., I'm going to focus more on the birds.  I know birds are a little "played out", but they are just so darn cute!  I think she will love them.

Monroe's Chicago Room
Monroe's Florida Room 

I am experiencing one of my least favorite symptoms of pregnancy tonight...heartburn.  A work friend of ours took Mark, my boss and I out for lunch today.  We went to this little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place and I had one of my favorite things ever, Chilaquiles.  If you have never tried it, do yourself a favor and get some!  It's strips of fried tortillas simmered in either a red or green salsa (I prefer green) and covered in shredded white Mexican cheese--Perfection.  I just love it.  It is usually a tad spicy and tonight, my yummy lunch decision has come back to haunt me.  Heartburn is NO fun--no fun at all! 

Tomorrow is our family fun day.  We still haven't nailed down exactly what we will be doing, but I can assure you, it will be great day just being together.  

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but we finally decided to take the leap and put in our membership transfer to Hinsdale SDA Church.  We had a very hard time coming to that decision.  There was another church that we really loved and felt was more our style, but they really didn't have the children's program that we were hoping for.  Hinsdale has a great Sabbath School that Monroe absolutely loves.  We started realizing how important that is at her age and that helped us finalize our decision.  We still don't feel that we completely connect with the service.  Well, that's an understatement, but I know that it's important to stick with it, in spite of how hard it can be at times.  

I really can see why young families end up leaving our churches.  They can find another church that caters to young families, has amazing music, and has a hipper, younger environment.  I am sure it's much easier, but for me, I could never let go of the core beliefs I have.  I just think of Rosie, her future and  her salvation and the decision is so much more simple.  

I better sign off for tonight.  I need to get myself off of this couch and clean this place up!  One of the elders from Hinsdale Church is coming over tomorrow evening for a visit and I would prefer her first impression of us be a good one, rather than an episode of Hoarders--Buried Alive.

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