Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good News and Bad News

It's been quite a roller coaster week around here.  I had my work event (which went great), our lives got turned upside down by the news of Impossible P (that's her new nickname thanks to Jen) and I got major sick with a killer cold.  When I write it all down, it doesn't seem to be super eventful, but just play along.

Funny story:

A few nights ago, Mark and I were watching a television show about a husband and a pregnant wife.  She had become super crazy in her pregnancy and he was having a very hard time being at home with her. She was driving him nuts. He had figured out a trick, that if she wanted/craved something from the store, he would volunteer to go, but would always come back with the wrong item, so he would have to keep going back out and didn't have to be home very much.  For example, she specifically asked for Tylenol gelcaps and he came back with geltabs.   Then after going out again, he came back with liquid caps.  It was pretty hilarious and we had a good laugh.

So, I mentioned earlier that I got very sick this week.  I have a very horrible cold and I ended up having to call my doc to get a list of medications that I can take during pregnancy.  I really needed something so that I could get some relief/sleep.  He told me that I could take Robutussin DM.  I called Mark and he happily agreed to pick it up on his way home.  So what's a girl to think when he shows up with this...

Yes, Diabetic Tussin.  Of course my mind went right to the show.  Well, I decided that I wasn't above Diabetic Tussin and went ahead and took it.  So his plan was foiled:)

Not so funny story:

So last night, I got a hankering for a big glass of ice water, which I decided to act on, since all I've wanted to drink lately are my "sweet drinks".  We were hanging out in the basement, so I ran upstairs to get one for me and one for Mark.  As I was returning down the stairs, I must have lost my step and ended up falling to the very bottom.  I literally went from the top step to the bottom step in half a second.  I can't even remember how it all happened, but it was truly the most frightening thing I have EVER, in my whole life, experienced.  Not just because it hurt, and, oh yes, it hurt, but because all I could think about was my little lady growing inside of me.  Mark was at the bottom of the stairs and held me as I literally lost my mind.  I just cried and cried and cried and cried.  Later, Mark termed my reaction "inconsolable".  I really don't think I've ever cried that hard.  I think it was just a culmination of a hard week, a hurtful fall, a hormonal pregnancy, and the thought that I might have endangered the little person.  Luckily, I seem to be doing fine, other than the fact that I feel like I was hit by two to three semi trucks.  I have felt her kick today, which is good.  I called my doctor and he said that if I was 20 weeks he would have me come to the hospital for monitoring, but since I wasn't quite there (20 weeks on Monday), I was good to go, as long as I had no spotting or contractions.  Whew!  What a relief.  

In other news, I want you all to know that I have not been proofreading my blog AT ALL before I push "publish post".  I went through a few days ago to do a once over on a few of my posts and realized that, "BOY, HAVE I BEEN NEGLIGENT." I saw spelling and grammar issues galore.  No one would ever believe that I was once a teacher.  Well, I just wanted to apologize.  That's not to say that I'm going to start checking more.  I mean, who has the time?  I probably won't fix my previous posts either, but I just wanted you all to understand, that I am aware of my faults and I hope you can forgive me.  

I have to be completely honest with you all.  This week has really screwed up my cleaning and food schedule.  I did really bad and was pretty upset with myself.   We even ordered pizza one night, which goes completely against my plan!  I don't know what my deal is!  I am feeling lots of hope that I can regroup for next week.

I will leave you with a picture of Monroe as we were heading to pick up the pizza.  I told her to get her coat and this is what she came back with.  I just let it happen.  Pick your battles, right?! 


Stephen Carlile said...

I love that picture! It just makes me laugh :)

Hanne Noel said...

take a deep breath. hug ur man... and LET IT GO. if i can give you any one piece of advise for the soon arrival of number 2... LET IT GO! forget your schedules, and do what feels right for that day. forgive yourself. not to say let your house go to pot... (though i've come pretty close) but learn when to say... it doesn't matter! these baby days are going to FLY by. take each day as it comes. if one day you are right on track with happy girlies, laundry done, house clean, meals made, shower had... and fresh and smiling when mark comes home... YAY YOU! but don't bank on it every day. and ALLOW IT! some of my best days are when i have a huge agenda at home, but realize that my kids are bored, or starving for my attention, so we just up and leave the mess and head off on our own adventure. (SIDENOTE... I WAS NOT THIS MOTHER WITH ONLY HUDSON. SCHEDULED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT) and it took me a long time after having claire to forgive myself for not keeping up. the messes will be there tomorrow. the dinners can be made another day. but the memories and time with your babes is FLEETING. enjoy the pizza. but, try not to fall momma. ouch. markus! you are to get all drinks for momma from now on! :) xoxo

Hanne Noel said...

my favorite poem. and its so true!