Monday, December 19, 2011

Checking things off my Christmas list

So no one warned me about four month old babies regressing in sleep.  Monroe didn't, so I guess I never worried about it or just assumed Kiki wouldn't.  I was wrong again. I assume way too much, huh?!  One of my best friends is dealing with lack of sleep of her own with her newbie, and told me about this website.  It was a Godsend!  In fact, I was up late reading it when I should have been sleeping, but it helped me with some ideas to get Kiki back on track.  I have to do something...she went from sleeping through the night to waking up three times a night to eat.  That is killer on me because, as you all know, I need my sleep.  Fingers crossed that it will work!  If your kiddo is having a rough time with sleep, no matter how old they are, I would definitely recommend that site.  There are many great articles for a variety of sleep problems.

I'm starting to get worried about the binkie going bye-bye for Rosie.  I think it's going to be a pretty traumatic thing for her.  We have started taking it away while she is playing, but she asks about it constantly.  Her doctor said not to conquer it until after the holidays, but we want her to be aware of what's about to happen.  The poor girl just adores that thing.  If you have anything that worked with your kiddos, please share the wealth!  

Our weekend was very nice.  We had a wonderful lunch with friends on Sabbath after Church.  On Saturday night we watched "Water for Elephants".  Have you seen that yet?  It was such a good movie.  Mark and I both really enjoyed it.  Now this is random, but I also drank some IBC root beer and I was reminded of how much I absolutely love that stuff.  It transports me right back to childhood.  Are you with me, Kaylee?!  You know, I must have a pretty tame life if drinking root beer ranks on the list of my weekend highlights!   

On Sunday, I had a bit of a migraine, but after some medicine and a nap, it cleared up and I was able to conquer my craft closet.  I spent a few hours organizing it and it feels oh-so-good to have it done! I always end up buying things I don't need because I can never find anything.  Now everything is clearly marked and easy to get to.  Now I just need to keep it that way!

I think I'm pretty close to getting my ginormous black hutch sold.  A couple came by last night to look at it.  It would be so, so, so wonderful if we could sell it.  I would be relieved to get it out of our garage.  It takes up so much space and the extra money would be amazing.    

I finally finished up my Christmas cards!  I'm so glad to have them done.  They are in the mail as of this afternoon.  I ended up writing a letter and I sort of regret it.  It's pretty corny, but I think it's hard for a Christmas letter to not sound corny.  I have also completely finished with Christmas shopping.  Now that feels extra good.  I need to start the long process of wrapping.  Pinterest has given me some fun ideas for creative wrapping, but we will see if I end up doing any of them.  

I can't believe we will be home in just a few days!  It seems like forever since I've been there.  My whole family will be together and I can't remember the last time that has happened.  Since it is a rarity we are going to get pictures made.  My sister-in-law, Tami, bought the same Christmas dress for Kamryn that I have for the girls and my mom got Vivi the coordinating skirt and shirt.  The guys are wearing black suits and all of us ladies are wearing black and red.  I still don't know what I'm going to wear though, so I'm a bit stressed about that. My parents still have the picture of our family hanging above the fireplace from when I was in 9th grade, so this picture may last awhile and I don't want to be captured in a so-so outfit.  I might try to find something new this week.  

I dressed the girls in their Christmas dresses for Church.  We tried to get some pictures of them before we left, but they didn't turn out very well.  Rosie is just not interested in having her picture taken these days. 

I forgot to mention that the Coca Cola Cake turned out good.  It is unlike any cake I have had because it is so extremely moist and very sweet, but with a little vanilla bean ice cream it is pretty yummy.  If you are looking for a new dessert to try out, I would definitely recommend it.  

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Hanne Noel said...

i don't claim to be a professional on the binkie, but i will tell you what worked for claire. she loved her passy! somewhere around 2 years, we started limiting it to sleeping only. she knew she could have it at naps and bedtime. i kept a special bowl on her dresser for her to keep them in, and she would go pick one out for naps, and bed. then we went to the dentist, and asked his opinion of the passy, and he told us to ditch it that year. so we told claire that the dentist said it would make her teeth ugly if she kept using it, and that big girls didn't use a passy. we also did the passy fairy. think my cousin told me that one, but she put all her passy's in a bag, and left them out side on the porch for the fairy to take to the babies who needed them. she in return got a bag of loot. we kind of let her decide when she was ready to put them out for the babies, and one night, she just did. it was never a problem. when she would call me and ask for one, i just reminded her that she gave them to the babies, and asked her if she wanted something else, like a toy, or blanket to love on. now, we didn't have a little sister around using them, so that might be a hurdle. and hudson was a big cheerleader for her... "yeah claire! you aren't a baby. you don't want your teeth to be ugly." hudson never took to them. i do think though, once you take them, don't go back. she will get over it. decide when you are done and make them gone. just be done. but to each their own. that just did the trick for my "rosie". :) good luck.

oh... and i would totaly wait until after christmas! :)