Friday, December 9, 2011

Amber Alert

Cheese and crackers, twizzlers, a hershey's bar with almonds, mint m&m's and pringles make a balanced meal, right?  Good.

We just stopped to let Rosie run around a little.  We happened upon a life-sized nativity scene and she was ecstatic, since we read the story of Jesus in the manger upteen times a day in her Sabbath School lesson.  Sadly, baby Jesus had been stolen and that has greatly troubled her.  She hasn't stopped asking about it since we left.  If you have a brilliant answer for her, please let me know.


Hanne Noel said...

maybe he had not been born yet. they were just getting ready. after all, it isn't christmas... yet. :)

Stephen Carlile said...

He's coming back for us!