Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preparation H anyone?

Tonight was Mark's work Christmas party and I really had a lovely time.  I was nervous because I'm not the best in large groups, but luckily I have two friends that also suffer from social anxiety disorder and we were able to hang out together.  The food was great and the white elephant gift exchange was pretty hilarious.  The only horrible thing was that we had to tell a funny Christmas story from our past before we chose our gift.  I need like weeks to prepare something like that.  Luckily, I was number 29 so I had a little while to prepare what I was going to say.

I ended up with absolutely the worst gift there.  It was a box of travel Preparation H wipes and a camouflage hunting hat with a built in LED light that doesn't work.  However, things took a surprisingly good turn when I found that the person accidently left the receipt for it all in the bag.  I just need to find out where Truck Stop #221 in Candler, NC is and I will be $22 richer:)

The kids did great at Elizabeth's and had so much fun.  What a relief!  The Wrights really are the greatest people.  I feel so blessed to have them here.  We might be hanging out with them a little tomorrow, so that will be great.

On the way home from picking up the girls, we got a call that we have been dreading.   Grandpa Murrill is in the hospital.  His vision went out today and his blood pressure is extremely low.  He is on oxygen and he's just not doing very well.  We are so worried!  Please keep him and Grandma Murrill in your prayers.

I better head to bed.  I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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