Friday, December 2, 2011

Prayers NEEDED

Grandpa Murrill is not doing well, so Mark started looking early this morning for a plane ticket to fly down, but after little success, he decided he would drive and take Rosie.  He thought it would be good for Grandma Murrill to get to see her.  We decided that it probably wasn't wise to take Kiki on the long trip, since we will be headed that direction in just a few weeks.

As soon as Mark made the decision, I ran to the grocery store and bought tons of food and snacks for him and Rosie.  Then I ran home and started packing a bag for her.  Traveling with a toddler is always quite a production, so I tried to make things as easy for Mark as possible by packing all of her favorite toys, books, etc.  I also convinced him to take the van, so that she could watch dvd's if things got tense.

They left about an hour ago, and I can't help but be so sad.  I keep thinking about poor grandpa and it is just breaking my heart.  I can't imagine how grandma must be feeling, as well.  My whole heart and thoughts are with them during this time.  Please send up some prayers for Grandpa and the whole family.  Love to you all!