Monday, December 12, 2011

Cheese Him Kitchen, anyone?

Are you familiar with Ken-taco-hut? You probably are and don't know it.  I'm actually not sure if everyone calls it that, or if it's just a Mark thing, but it's those fast food restaurants that have KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut in one.  I know, sounds pretty classy.  It's for that person with such refined tastes that they crave cole slaw and a side of refried beans with their slice of cheese pizza.  Well, I wouldn't call those three places my ideal restaurant combination, but it got me thinking about what it would be and actually gave Mark and I quite a bit of conversational enjoyment on our 14 hour drive home yesterday.  Yes, Mark and I like to tackle the hard-hitting issues.  We did come up with our perfect restaurant combination.  It's called Cheese Him Kitchen and combines Cheesecake Factory, The Himalayan (our favorite Indian place) and California Pizza Kitchen.  Doesn't it sound pretty perfect?  What would your version for the Ken-Taco-Hut be?  I would be very curious to see if your combo could rival ours.

So, as you can tell, we made it home safe and sound.  It was definitely a long (and short) trip, but it was completely worth it.  It was wonderful being with family, celebrating such an incredible man's life.  The service was amazing.  It was so neat hearing the accomplishments of such a humble man, because many of the things you would have not known because he would never brag on himself.  He accomplished so much and touched so many people's lives.  His legacy will continue to live on.

My parents came up as well, so that was a special treat.  Everyone made them feel so welcome and they were able to spend the day with all of Mark's family.  I'm so glad that our families get along so well.  What a blessing!

Kiki did really well on the trip.  She brought her "A" game and kept the smiles coming the whole time.  Monroe, however, was in rare form due to the fact that she didn't eat or sleep well--a very lethal combination.  I felt horrible that she wasn't her usual jovial, sweet self, but I think everyone understood.  Kids will be kids!  Hopefully our trip home for Christmas will be easier on her and she'll be in better spirits.

She was so sweet today.  You wouldn't have known she was the same kid.  We had a pretty lazy day doing laundry, reading books, and spending quality time.  I had Zumba tonight, so now I'm pretty worn out.

In completely unrelated and boring news, my phone has been giving me fits.  It barely keeps charge for more than two hours.  That can be so frustrating!  In fact, it was dead most of the trip home yesterday, even though it was plugged in!   Mark had to run to Sprint today to pick up his new phone, and decided to take my phone in to tell them about all of the issues.  I've had to take it in numerous times, so I wasn't expecting much.  But Sprint went and surprised me and they gave me a new battery.  They said if that doesn't help the problem, they will give me a new phone!  Yay!  So, anyway, I apologize if I haven't gotten back to you yesterday or I mentioned, my phone was out of commission.

I watched the most enjoyable Christmas movie this evening.  It was called "The Twelve Dates of Christmas."  It really was cute and totally put me in the spirit.  I sure love the Christmas season!

Well, I need to take a shower and head to bed.  Here are a few shots we got during the weekend.  I sure wish I had taken more...the story of my life.

A big smile first thing in the morning. 
 The Keekster...still a little sleepy.
 Mason, Great Grandma and Keeks
 Great Grandma and Keeks!  They hit it off right away!
 This picture sums up Monroe's attitude during the weekend.  Just angelic, huh?!  
 Murrill Men.  They are each wearing one of Grandpa's ties. 
 My beautiful Mama! 
 The Murrill Family 
The whole group 

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Tasha said...

I have to back Mark up on the "ken-taco-hut" thing ... I've been, because there's one in KC! I'm sure that's the one he's talking about. By the way ... my version would be Chang's-Garden-Garden ... It would combine PF Changs with Olive Garden and Siam Garden.