Monday, July 25, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do, especially on a Monday morning

There’s nothing like being verbally abused first thing in the morning. Verbally abused by one of my volunteers, to be more exact. I’ve been dealing with this fellow since I arrived at AGH, and it hasn’t gotten any easier as time has gone on. I have had numerous complaints about him, but every time I go to “fire” him, the person complaining changes her mind, and decides to give him another chance.

Well, last week, things finally came to a head. He had missed far too many days and had been being dishonest on his sign-in sheet. We decided that he would have to cut his hours down to one day a week instead of three. Well, he wasn’t having it and showed up bright and early today to volunteer, although he had been told not to. I had to call him into my office to discuss the matter. I’m used to reprimanding kids, but grown men…I’m not quite as comfortable with.

Luckily, I asked Terri to stick around to be my back up, if needed. Well, it was needed. He yelled and hollered and was so disrespectful. I finally told him that I didn’t appreciate his tone or the way he was talking to me, and he somewhat called down. By the time he left, he apologized, but the damage had been done. I let my boss know of what happened, and being the “she means business” woman that she is, she fired him for me. What a relief! I was so glad that I didn’t have to do the deed. He did call me later to discuss his schedule! Apparently, the removal of his badge and vest and the security escort to his car didn’t sink in. What can you do?!

I am still a little shaky over the whole thing. So anyway, Happy Monday morning to everyone! Hope yours is shaping up better than mine:)

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