Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Horse, Of Course!

So, remember a few months back when I said that I couldn't stand another cold day and all I wanted was warmth?  Well, I take that back.  This weather is OUT OF CONTROL and it seems like everyone has been getting it lately.  Just walking from the car into the hospital today just about did me in.  I was out of breath, sweating like a horse and just plain exhausted when I got inside.  While we are on the subject of horses, have I ever mentioned that I don't like them?  I know that's neither here nor there, but it's something about me that I feel you should know. 
It all started at my friend Amy's house when I was about 8 years old.  They lived on a large acreage and had many horses.  It was a Sabbath afternoon and we were all going to go on a ride.  They put me on a horse named Easy, because, supposedly she was super easy to ride.  I have decided since then, that she must have been named for other reasons, which I would rather not think about.  Well, easy to ride she was not.  Halfway through the ride, she got spooked and bucked me right off.  She came very close to stomping on me and so began my fear/dislike of horses.  Things haven't improved either.  A few years later at camp, I was placed in Horsemanship Class, much to my great disappointment.  I went to class sporting my brand new khaki shorts from the Limited Too.  Now, I need to give some background. It was a pretty big deal that I had gotten something from the Limited Too, as it was pretty pricey and very "neat" at the time.  If you were a near teenager around the same time as I was, I'm sure you totally understand.  It was super exciting for me.  Okay, back to the story...they didn't have enough horses for everyone, so I got stuck on the back of a horse name Mildew.  Yes, Mildew.  This time the horse was aptly named and my shorts forever bore the wrath of his excessive, mildewy sweating.  I was horrified and went to the camp director and had my schedule changed.    For the rest of the week, I enjoyed two "Craft"  classes a day.  I made about a million lanyards that week, but I didn't care.  It was totally worth not being close to the horses, well, at least that horse. 
I do feel that I should clarify.  I don't hate horses or wish them any harm.  I even think they are quite majestic and beautiful.  I just don't dream of riding bare back over the hills with the wind whipping through my hair.  I always felt like such a sham when my friends would talk for hours about horses.  They always had horse folders or shirts with horses on them.  Then when I became a teacher, it was imperative that I hide my horse dislike because I would have lost the affection of all of the little girls in my class.  All of their short stories were about horses, their lunch boxes had horses on them, and they had the folders, too!  Horses just don't go out of style.  I've had to keep this inside for quite awhile now.
So, I probably have lost half of my readers because you were offended by my lack of horse love, but I needed to come clean.  I've just gotta be me. 
Now, let's get back to this horrendous weather.  I have been trying everything to keep cool.  On Sunday, I got the bright idea to lay out for awhile.  My skin has actually turned from white to transluceant and to feel presentable I need it to be at least a lacy cream tint.  I also have to consider that my legs, stomach, etc. will be exposed soon to the entire Labor and Delivery staff at GlenOaks Hospital, and I only want to look my best.  Well, I guess I just don't want to blind them.  After about 2 seconds minutes in the sun, I realized something needed to be done.   I ended up making about ten trips inside to get all of my artillery to beat the heat.  I had an oscillating fan, a wet towel, a bucket of water, a spray bottle and a popsicle.  I also would take dips in Monroe's pool every 2 to 3 minutes.  I finally ended up taking up residence in her pool, which barely accomodated my childbearing hips.  The next morning, I noticed that the air had gone out of the bottom layer of her pool.  I am not going to attribute that to me, though.  It must be the shotty workmanship of those child pool makers!  I'm sure you've all heard about those guys.  What a racket they have going:)  
I am very excited that Brandon is here visiting!!!  He has a conference and has stopped in for a bit.  I was bummed that the whole Baughman gang couldn't join him, but what can you do?  Tonight, we grilled it up big time and had a relaxing evening.  The other Murrill's came over, as well. It was really wonderful.
Today was a pretty sad day at work.  Our CEO is leaving (moving to Tampa) and his Going Away Tea was today.  I really love that guy.  He is a phenomenal person and administrator.  I am very sad to see him go. The new CEO seems nice, but I've heard he is a lot less warm.  I'm not one that deals well with change anyway, so a totally different personality type might be hard for me to get used to.  I am sure it will be fine, though.  On a lighter note, I sat down at a table full of ladies at the Tea.  As I looked around I realized that we were all pregnant.   I guess the pregnants migrate toward eachother. 
By the way, my list of pregnant ladies is growing exponentially.  There are a few I'm waiting for them to announce, before I do any updates, but I am VERY excited about all of these babies coming.  It is just wonderful. 

Well, it's getting passed my bedtime.  Love to you all!  -Steph


Tasha said...

This post just made me laugh. I hear your pregnancy brain at work ... side tracked by a horse story ... back on track to the weather. I love it! I needed a good laugh today. I'm sorry that the weather is SO HOT there! I can't believe it's hotter than here ... maybe less humidity. Wish you were here to lay in the pool with me ... not that I've been in it for a long time! I would be, though, if you were here. Miss you and love you!

Michelle said...

This really made me laugh! I can totally relate to the horse thing too, not a fan. Thanks for a highly entertaining post, love you and miss you!