Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pregnancy Update-- Otherwise known as "Diary of an Angry Pregnant Woman"

UPDATE:  I wrote this blog during my lunch break today.  I was not feeling very well, I was tired because I slept horrible last night and my parents left this morning.  Talk about EMOTIONAL!  I went home early and took a nap.  What a difference some sleep makes!  I totally feel 100% better.  Not that I just love pregnancy, but I'm definitely not this sour.  Please forgive the following:)  Love you all!  -Steph
Three kids?  That would be an enthusiastic "NO!"
With my last pregnancy, I truly don't remember it being that bad. In fact, I remember myself loving being pregnant.  It always seemed like people were extra nice to me and loved chatting.  It also is the only time in my life that I remember enjoying being in a swimming suit.  I became okay with my body for once!  Seriously, when I think back about it, I remember rainbows and unicorns.  Life was happy. I was excited and glowing from the inside out.  Fast forward until now...
Lately I feel that my late "Great Grandma on the Farm" has crawled inside my body to live.  (Yes, we called her "Grandma on the Farm" and still do to this day.)  Not only do I feel like my body is old and decrepit and that I might have a stroke from this ungodly heat, but I also feel the utmost crotchety and crabby right now.    If you know my mom and grandma, you know that they are both the sweetest, most congenial people on earth. My great grandma?...not so much. She didn't take anything from anybody.  You didn't mess with that tiny little person. She put the fear of God in me and my mother before me.  My mom actually developed a nervous disorder for awhile because GGOTF told her that she might have to come live with her.  She was THAT bad and I feel like I'm becoming her! 
I miss my sleep.  Oh, sweet, sweet sleep.  I wake up so many times in the night because the whole side of my body has gone numb from laying on it.  Then I have to resituate my pillow mountain and start again on the other side until it does the same.  Rinse and repeat and you have my night.   And the heartburn...I really should look into buying stock in Tums.  They really are good, though.  I can't complain about them.  Keep up the great work, GlaxoSmithKline!   
So if you ask me, "How is the pregnancy going?, I will probably answer, "Just fine."  But inside, a mean old woman voice is screaming, "Get this baby out of me!!!".  Can you believe I have 8 weeks (6 would be ideal, but I wouldn't argue with 7) left? 
In other pregnancy news, my last Dr.'s appointment went well.  Mom Murrill was here and watched Rosie, so Mark got to come with me, which was a treat.  She is measuring great and her heart beat is steady in the 140's.  I told him about my itching fear, and he said that just because I had it last pregnancy, doesn't mean in any way that I will have it this time around.  That made me feel a lot better.  We had a great chat with him and I'm feeling pretty good about the labor part of pregnancy.  He is a big proponent of epidurals and I like that.  I don't think there is a right or wrong way, but the idea of less pain is always the right way for me. 
My appointments are now two weeks apart.  I have my next one on Tuesday.  
So, as you can tell, I'm in great spirits.  Seriously though, I really can't wait to meet my newest little sweetie pie.  I am just dying to hold her...hopefully sooner than later.


Daniela said...

Haha! I felt like I was reading a day in the life of me this pregnancy. Round two has been rough for me too. So different from Matthew's where I loved every minute. Have you tried Almond Milk for your heartburn? It's worked wonders for me. Just a few sips and heartburn!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Daniela! I will definitely try Almond Milk. I had no idea! I am praying for you and your newest little man. I remember our NICU two weeks well. Hopefully, that won't be needed, but I noticed your post on FB. It's hard to prepare yourself for it, but just remember that he is YOUR baby and you have a right to be with him and know what's going on. With Rosie, we started feeling like we were left out of the loop and because we were new parents, it was hard for us to feel like we could say anything. Love you girl!