Monday, July 25, 2011

My day--Revisited

So, my day may have started out pretty crummy, but coming home made it so much better.  I really love my family!  How can I be down in the dumps when I come home to these two?

My Grill Master 
Doesn't she seem so excited to see me? :) 

I'm  always looking for new grilling recipes for Mark to try.  He's pretty amazing at grilling things and all he needs is an idea and he makes it come to life.  I read recently about grilling frozen green beans and I was intrigued.  It seemed so easy and very yummy.

Well, they were definitely so good!  All you have to do is microwave the green beans for a minute and a half, still in the bag.  Then put some foil down on your grill and cover lightly with cooking spray.  Cover the green beans with olive oil, salt and garlic (or any other spice you love) and begin grilling.  Make sure to stir the green beans to keep them from sticking.  Easy and yummy...two of my favorite things.  Give them a try!

Our dinner tonight was pretty strange.  I've been craving some interesting combos lately.  Tonight we had grilled green beans, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I haven't been able to get these out of my head), sliced cucumbers & carrot sticks.  Weird, huh?!

I almost forgot to mention, Mark got off work a little early and stopped at Nordstrom.  He came home with a little surprise for Rosie!

Aren't they so cute?  She's really been needing some outdoor play shoes and these are just right.  They are Keens, so I know they will hold up well.  Good job, Daddy!  We love your surprises

She had a blast playing outside this evening.  At one point, she started hanging out in the bushes and I couldn't help but take a few pictures.

 Rosie's mischievous look.
 Kissing Face!
 My little sweetie pie! 

I have been meaning to post a picture of this quilt for the longest time.  Grandma Murrill (Monroe's Great Grandma) sent this to McKinley a few weeks ago.  It's the softest, sweetest quilt and it was made by her mom!  So McKinley now has something from her great great grandmother!  Isn't that so neat?!  

It's such a sweet little quilt.  I'm so glad the girls can treasure it. 

I think I mentioned a few posts ago about trying to get the girl's closet/dressers all ready.  I realized quickly that since the girls are sharing a closet, it was going to be very hard to make it all fit.  I knew I needed something to help get it all organized.  Last week, Mark and I took a trip to Target and came home with this thing...
It was originally intended for the inside of their closet, but it's just so cute.  I am seriously considering keeping it out in McKinley's room.  I need to find something cute for the top of it.

I wanted to show you the invite for my shower!

Isn't it so lovely?  I just think it's incredible.  Melissa was born to plan parties!   Just looking at the invitation makes me excited.  Thank you Chicago friends/family for being so wonderful!  

Tomorrow is Volunteer Orientation, which means a longer day.  I'm crossing my fingers that this will be my last! After Orientation, I head over to my doctor's appointment.  I always enjoy going and am excited to see how McKinley is doing.  She was a little quiet over the weekend, but she is back to herself today. I've been seeing feet and a little booty pushing my belly out all day.  I love it!!! 

Okay, I better go.  Love to you all! 

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