Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Busy

I have been so busy today.  I cleaned the house completely, which took a lot out of me.  I mean I was super exhausted when I got done.  We also ran a few errands (Apple Valley and Target) and worked on projects.  It was very productive.

One of my dilemmas has been what I should do with some of the furniture and accessories from the guest room.  I really like a lot of them and the idea of storing them broke my heart.  (I know I'm weird).   The guest room kind of had a shabby chic feel.  One of my favorite pieces is the dresser that Mom Murrill found at a garage sale.  She gave it to us when we first got married.  We were going to paint it, but I could never bring myself to.  It's vintage and has a very old calendar that is stuck to the top.  I've decided to put in the living room/ dining room.  I know it's kind of a strange place for it, but I think I like it there.  It really seems to go well with my yellow hutch (across from it).

I'm so relieved to have the three projects done I was working on.  It feels so good to have that weight off of my shoulders.  Here's how they turned out...

Project #1 - Paintings for the Girls' Rooms 

The finished products.  
Poor Monroe...her painting is not very good.  I was so sick of doing them and I hurried through. I paid very little  attention to detail.  She doesn't seem to mind, though. 
You've already seen this one.

Project #2 - Table and Chairs for the Nursery 

I finished the top this afternoon.  It's NOT perfect, but I do believe it will work.  Mark finished up all of the painting for me.  I don't know what I would do without that guy.
Such a cute little set.  Thank you again, Nicole!  We love it.  It's just what we were needing. 

Project #3 - Mobile for the Nursery 

The jury is still out on this one.  I can't decide if I like it or not.  Time will tell. 

My next project is McKinley's quilt.  I figure it might take me awhile, so I really wish I had started it earlier, but I guess I just need to hit it very hard in the next few days/weeks.  

In Rosie news...I can't get over how much talking she is doing now.  All of a sudden she is using complete sentences.  I just love it.  I truly feel like we are having real conversations now.  Today, while I was changing her diaper she asked, "Mommy, where is daddy?"  I told her that he was at work and she said, "What is he doing there?"  It blows me away how their little minds are just like sponges. She picks up on everything...things I didn't even know she was listening to.  Tonight, she came in the living room with one of McKinley's outfits and said, "This is Sissy's".  It's just so cute.  They sure grow up too fast.

This afternoon, Mark and I were playing with Monroe in her room when she started to run and tripped on the rug.  Her little face ran right into her bed.  It was horrifying to watch, as it looked very painful.  It broke my heart!  She has never cried like that.  You know the kind where they can hardly catch their breath?  Poor little thing!  I asked her if she wanted a popsicle and she was still crying so hard she didn't answer.  I wasn't even sure if she knew what a popsicle was, but I thought it might make her feel better. Mark finally got her calmed down and said he was going to take her outside to play.  She was very excited to go, but stopped and looked up at me and said in a pitiful little voice and puppy dog eyes, "popsicle?"  Apparently she did know:) 

 Eating her hard-earned popsicle.  

    Showing off her battle scar.  It doesn't look that bad here, but it did bruise.

Well, it's late and I better head to bed.  Love to you all and a very happy Sabbath!

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