Monday, July 18, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

So, pregnancy brain is back with a vengeance.  Not to say that it ever went away, it's just rearing it's ugly head big time. Here are three recent examples:

 I decided to try a new kind of shampoo and conditioner.  I found this stuff and, being the sucker for packaging that I am, I decided to give it a try.  I was excited to "simplify" my routine, as stated on the label. Well, I went to use it for the first time and I thought, man, this shampoo is really thick.  Then, it hit me, I bought two conditioners.  Ugh!

A few weeks ago, it hit me that I really needed to get knobs for the dresser before we finished it.  I went to Hobby Lobby and spent a really long time looking and looking.  I found some that I really loved, but decided I would wait until they were on sale.  I often find them on sale for half off and couldn't justify not waiting.  A few days later, my parents came and we worked hard on the dresser.  All of a sudden I realized that I hadn't ever gotten the knobs.  I stood there in the garage fretting over this to Mark.  He looked at me kind of funny, and said, "What about these?"  He pulled out a bag from Hobby Lobby with the above glass knobs inside.  Apparently, I had purchased these months ago when they were on sale and must have totally forgotten.  I love them, so it all worked out.  I'm just glad the knobs weren't on sale the day I spent a good 40 minutes trying to find the right ones or I'd be trying to figure out what to do with 4 extra knobs right now!
Yesterday morning we were watching one of my favorite shows, "CBS Sunday Morning" while we did laundry and ironed.  They were doing a special edition on animals.  One of the segments was about koalas.  I love koalas and made sure to go see the Koala Exhibit when they came to the Tulsa Zoo a few years back.  I thought I would wow Mark with my koala knowledge yesterday and very matter of factly stated, "Did you know that koalas sleep 24 out of 25 hours a day."  Yes, I looked super intelligent.  I'm sure it really blew him away:)

I'm sure I'll have a whole list of more examples to add tomorrow:)  I'll keep em' coming!

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