Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nana and Papa's Visit

Like I've mentioned before, my parents came into town this last Friday.  It was WONDERFUL!  We had so much fun.  We were able to do some great stuff, while at the same time keeping it very low key.  My kind of visit!

They ended up driving rather than flying and I really think that made the trip feel even better.  We didn't have to worry about getting to the airport, ect.  They really liked the change, as well.  Another plus to driving...They were able to load up the car with goodies!  We really enjoyed that!

Here are a few of the fun things that they brought...

Rosie is one well dressed kid thanks to all of her grandparents!  SO CUTE!
 Adorable dresses for the girls! 
 Adorable dresses take two...these are my favorite.
 These are pretty cute, as well.
The pink version of my favorite outfit for baby. 

Not only did THEY come bearing gifts, but they brought along a huge bag full of Kamryn's clothes that my wonderful sis-in-law Tami sent.  What a huge blessing!  Everything was ADORABLE!  I'm definitely seeing the perks to having two of the same kind of kiddo.  We will use these clothes for years!  

Tami also sent another exciting item...
A beautiful Coach diaper bag!  I can't wait to use it.  Thank you, Tami and Shane!

On Sabbath, we headed to Sabbath School and Church.  Since S.S./Church take place right during Rosie's most important nap, she's not always on her best behavior.  In fact, she's usually at her worst and true to form, she showed Nana and Papa her naughtiest.  I always feel so bad for her, because I know she's being pushed beyond her limits when we keep her out, but we know we have to keep at it.  Hopefully it will pay off in the end.

We had a lovely lunch and then had some nice naps.  Later that evening, we decided to take an impromptu trip on the train to downtown Wheaton.  It was Monroe's first train trip and she loved it.  It was really fun.  We had dinner at Gino's East and enjoyed walking around such a cute little town.  

 Very sleepy girly hanging with her daddy in Wheaton.
 My wonderful Mom and Dad waiting for the train home.

On Sunday, we set some pretty lofty goals for ourselves.  The first was to set up Rosie's new bed.  All along I had planned to leave Rosie in her room because it is bigger and seemed less traumatic.  But as we surveyed the crib and realized that we would have to disassemble it and reassemble it in the next room, we got lazy smart and decided that instead, Rosie would be taking what used to be the guest room and the new baby would have Monroe's old room.  I was nervous that she would totally freak out at the change, but we went ahead with the transformation.  We took out the guest room bed and dresser and put together her little bed.  When she realized what was happening, she went totally nuts.  Totally nuts in the very best way.  She was soooo excited and soooo happy.  She loved her new bed.  When we got the sheets and her little quilt on it, she climbed right in and didn't want to leave.  It was time for her nap anyway and we thought we would go ahead and see how she did.  Well, it did take a few times going in and laying her back down (15 to be exact), but she did end up falling asleep and slept really well.  

That's her under the quilt on the right.  She seemed to take to the new bed pretty quickly.  

Since then, nights have gone pretty well and naps have gotten progressively easier.  One night we found her up pretty late "reading" a book in total darkness.  I also periodically find her with her silver tea set in bed with her or all of her dirty clothes in piles on the bed, but I'm willing to work with her.  It's actually been a much easier process than I had anticipated.  She adores her new room and could play in it for hours.  It makes me so happy and so relieved that she didn't totally lose her mind. 

Anyway, after Rosie woke up, Mom and I wanted to do some shopping for some things for the rooms and Dad and Mark wanted to go downtown to do some touristy things.  We both succeeded in our quests.  Mom and I were able to find some really great things to make Rosie and baby's room quite comfortable.   Mom also got me a few maternity clothes items, which I definitely needed.  Mark and Dad decided to go to the Cubs/White Sox game and had a great time, as well. 

When the guys got home, we decided to head out and find some paint for the dresser.  With some help from my mom, I decided that green would be a great choice.  We found the perfect color, had a lovely dinner and came home to hang out.  

Monday was the 4th and just happens to also be my parent's anniversary.  We decided to celebrate at the Cheesecake Factory and then we headed to North Chicago to drive around and enjoy the scenery.  It's really a lovely area.  When we got home we worked on the dresser and the little table and chairs.  

On Tuesday, I had to work half of the day, but the rest was spent hanging with my family.  It was so nice, but it was hard not to have Mark with us.  That evening the guys went to another baseball game, a Sox/Royals game.  Mom and I ran some errands and had some quality time with Rosie girl.  

Wednesday morning was pretty hard for me, as my parents left. It made me right down sad.  You've probably already read my post from that day.  You know, the really angry one.  Well, things have definitely gotten better since then, but I don't think having my parents leave will ever get any easier.  They just really mean the world to me.  

So I am not quite ready to post pictures of little girl's room, but Rosie's is pretty much complete.  So without further ado...
 Rosie's little nest
 I couldn't love a bed more.  I find myself going in her little room all of the time just to sit in it.  
 Her new little bookcase.  It was totally worth the splurge. 
Her new dresser/changing table refurbished by Daddy and Papa!  For $20 it has a totally new look and it's just exactly what I was hoping for.  I still can't believe we found it on the side of the road.  Paint, $12 @ Home Depot and Glass Knobs, $8 @ Hobby Lobby (they were 50% off)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  They are not too good.  Just so you know, I started feeling pretty bad that babycakes is getting all of Rosie's things and Rosie is getting everything new, but everyone assured me that it's not a big deal.  Having a new baby will probably be a hard transition for her and these little special touches will make her feel special.  Also, the new little kiddo won't know the difference anyway.  Hopefully that's true!  We soon will see:) 

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