Wednesday, May 11, 2011

23 Week Appointment...Yeah, that's all I could come up with.

So, my doctor's appointment started out great today.  As many of you know, the first thing you have to do at the start of every OB appointment is pee in a cup.  I dread this like the plague.  I have no aim and rarely make it anywhere near the cup and usually end up with some on my hands.  I know how disgusting this is and if I could change anything about this, I would.  (Don't worry, I wash my hands VERY well.)  Well, today was "my" day.  It was as if the planets aligned and magically, every drop ended up in the CUP!  It was a small victory, but boy was it a good feeling.

The rest of the appointment went well.  I decided beforehand to make a list of questions I had because it always seemed like my mind would go completely blank when he would ask me if I had any.  I mean COMPLETELY blank.  Really, it's a wonder I was ever able to put together a coherent sentence.   I usually would inevitably babble, "Everything's great!"  Then, as I was driving home, ten things that I meant to ask would pop in my head.  Well, this time I was prepared and was able to get all of my questions answered!  I love that.  Also, I'm measuring perfectly and her little heartbeat is nice and strong.  I love that, too.

I am super worried, though.  My doctor shared with me that his pregnant wife (30 weeks along) was admitted to our hospital today.  She is having complications with her pregnancy and he was so concerned.  Please keep her in your prayers, if you don't mind.

When I got home from work, I was greeted by a package on the front steps.  As you know, I LOVE packages, and this one didn't disappoint.  It was from my mom and was for Monroe and Impossible P.  This is what was inside:

 Their first matching outfits!  Yay:) 
 An adorable dress, doll and turtle from Puerto Vallarta for Monroe!  Mom got Kamryn and Vivi the same dress.  Too bad they didn't have it in newborn size for I.P. 
 The coolest gift ever...A recordable book.  Nana and Papa took turns reading the pages to Monroe.  She LOVES it and giggled through the whole thing.
Two cute little jammies!  

Like I said, I love packages.  Thanks Mom/Nana!  It was greatly appreciated and we love everything.

Our evening was pretty low key.  We had a nice dinner of grillers, grilled corn and salad.  I bought Mark some vegan grillers the other day and he tried them for the first time tonight.  He said they weren't horrible, but they weren't amazing either.  I guess it's an acquired taste.  

I only got a picture of the corn.  It was perfect.  

Oh, by the way, I spoke with the doctor and he said it wasn't a good idea for me to try a vegan diet out until the baby is born, and if I breast feed, (which I will) after I'm done doing that.  So, for now, cheese and eggs are staying put in my diet, although I'm definitely cutting back.  

Well, I think it's that time...bedtime.  I'm pretty tired.  I am so excited that tomorrow is a mommy and Monroe day.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Have a great night!  Love you! 


Hanne Noel said...

soooo, when i went for my sex determining ultrasound with claire, it took forever. and i did not pee first. then when they finally told me yes, they were sure it was a girl, i was shaky. excited. nervous. HAD TO PEE! so i ran into the restroom, did the deed, then proceeded to drop the entire thing, all down the front of me. yup. on my clothes. to the floor. splendid. i washed it off best i could with wet paper towels, but still had to come out wet. :) good times in pee land.

Jenny said...

I have been vegan for 11 years and had to give it up in the last 2 months of my pregnancy. Once I get use to Lexi being here and the breastfeeding thing down pat, I plan to go back to it. It's so weird allowing myself to eat cheese after all that time!