Friday, May 6, 2011

Bikini Season! Yay! ;)

So, it's almost that time...swimsuit season.  I LOVE this time of year!!!  I decided I would do a little swimsuit shopping today.  I walked right in the store and found what I was looking for!  It didn't even require trying on.  I guess when you have a body that looks good in almost anything, than it's pretty easy finding things like bikinis!  It only cost me $5.99, as well.  Do you want to see it?  Well, here it is:

It's not the most amazing swimming suit in the world, but I couldn't turn down the price! 

Yes, my perfect bodied little sweetie will be wearing this.  Hopefully you didn't think I was talking about myself.  Swimming suit shopping for me takes weeks.  There's planning and prepping, and then, inevitably involves buying a coverup or shorts to go over my purchase, just to be safe.  If only it was that simple for me.  Oh, to be young again!

This is probably the only pic of me in a bathing suit that you will ever find on this blog! 
Rosie, in one of her swimming suits last year.  

So, for a variety of reasons, I decided to take a little blogging break yesterday. I missed it!  It's so nice to have a place to process your day.  It's good to be back:)  I apologize now if I bore you in this post.  I feel like I've got a lot to catch up on.

I am so excited for the weekend.  Those three day work weeks do that to me every time.  It was a good week, though.  A lot of my week at work consisted of visiting patient rooms.  It's a mixed bag when you talk with patients.  Sometimes it's so fun and rewarding, sometimes it's depressing and sad.  All in all, it was a positive experience and I had a good time.  The change of pace was good, too.  I think I might start rounding on the floors every day I work.

Mike and Mason (Melissa and Max are on a trip) stayed the night with us last night.  They were having some work done on their house and the water was going to have to be shut off.  They figured it would be much easier hanging out at our house, than toughing it out with no water at home.  We were happy to have them and had a great time.

Mike asked me to watch Mason for half of the day today and Monroe was beside herself with happiness.  I was, too.  He is such a sweet little guy and we all had a wonderful time.  We played outside, went for a long walk and hung out at the park.  It made me get even more excited to have another kiddo soon!  I know we won't get to that easy point right away, but I can't wait for when they are a little older and can enjoy each other so immensely.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I was able to get of them before my camera battery gave out on me.  You can tell they enjoy each other's company, though! 

Rosie hasn't seemed quite herself since coming home yesterday from daycare, she's been coughing a lot and seems to be running a very slight fever.  So this afternoon, after Mason left, we ended up taking a long nap together.  I love taking naps with that kid.  She always cuddles up so close and is just so sweet.  I'm a little worried though, because right before we took a nap, she was playing by the end of the bed.  She loves to climb it and look over the railing.  All of a sudden she stopped and said, "Ow!"  She didn't cry, but she kind of whimpered for a second.  I didn't see anything wrong and she seemed fine very quickly so I didn't think anything of it.  When Mark got home, we were still in bed.  He needed to run some (I think Mother's Day related) errands and decided to take Rosie with him.  I, too, had some places I needed to run, so it worked out nicely.  I got her shoes on and when I stood her up she wouldn't put any pressure on one of her legs.  I thought she was just being stubborn and I carried her to the car for daddy.  Later, when I got home, Mark asked if I had noticed anything with her leg and I told him about right before we left.  Well, she won't seem to walk on the leg now.  She will try and then she just gives up.  I am guessing it was hurt from the bed, but I have no idea what happened.  She can bend it just fine and we have moved it all around and it doesn't seem to hurt.  It's only when she goes to walk on it.  She has gotten a little better as the night went on, so I hope by tomorrow she'll be as good as new.  Keep that in your prayers if you don't mind.

One of the places I ran to this afternoon was Joann's.  I mentioned I had a few more things to get before I could start on the quilt.  One thing I needed was a base fabric.  The pattern I chose recommends having colored fabrics (the ones I already got) and then a mostly white fabric as the base.  Unfortunately, I got to Joann's and realized that I had forgotten my other fabrics to compare it against.  For the life of me I couldn't remember what they looked like at all.  I ended up choosing something (that I know I wouldn't have chosen if I brought them) but I don't hate it.  Mark likes it and I guess it will just have to do.  I am waiting on buying the backing and the binding fabric until I have the top sewn.

So, here's the fabric.  Like I said, it's supposed to be a mostly light/white fabric, with some detail, but not enough that it takes away from the colored fabric.  Hopefully, it works okay.

Oh, yeah, remember how I mentioned that I had to be at work at 6:30 am?  Well, I was and it was as life shaking as I thought.  I never mentioned what I was doing, though.  Thursday was the National Day of Prayer.  Our hospital puts on a breakfast with a speaker for the community in honor of the day and I was on the planning committee.  I'm not really sure how I got on the committee and I was only able to make a few of the meetings, but the day before the event, the committee chair had so much left to do, that I offered to help her.  That's how I got roped into being there so early.  The poor lady needed help and I couldn't turn her down (although, she didn't make it there until 6:50 am...fancy that!).  The program was very lovely and I was glad I went, but I was especially excited when all of the committee members were given a few little treats.  

 This was one of the centerpieces from the event.  The two plants inside are really lovely and I can't wait to replant them into some cute little pots.  Also, I wanted to point out Mark's pager in the background. He is officially stuck in the 90's:)  Actually, the hospital makes Mark carry it, but I love to give him a hard time about it.  I remember when my little brother used to have one...I think it was lime green.  Oh, 90' I miss thee.  It was such a flattering era.  
This is a CD of the girl, Annie Sander, that sang at the event.  She did an amazing job.  She actually is one of the singers from Willowcreek, a church that we like to visit once in a while.  

So anyway, I guess a plant and a cd made my early morning worth it...kind of:)

One more thing...I had to mention a groupon Mark got the other day.  When we first moved here, our neighbors brought us a loaf of this amazing fruit bread from a little bakery named Breadsmith.  It is right down the street from our house and we have always said we would love to get more, but just never have.  A few days ago, Groupon offered a deal for 3 loaves of bread for $7 and we thought it was hard to pass up, especially since one loaf is $5.  Mark went this afternoon to get a loaf and the fruit bread was all sold out, so he settled on their honey wheat.  Let me just say it was NOT settling.  It was so yummy and sooooo fresh tasting.  Monroe ate at least three pieces herself.  Now, Mike and Mason had some, too, but this is all we have left after it being in our home for only a few hours:

Yes, we almost consumed a whole loaf of bread between us.  If you have a Breadsmith near you, I would really recommend it.  It is so yummy.

Wow, again I apologize!  I'm gone one day and ended up practically writing a book!  And a kind of boring one, at that!  

Have a great night!  It's time for this little family to turn in!  Love ya!

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Tasha said...

LOVE Rosie's little suit! It's adorable. I'm so sad that I missed talking with you on Friday. I was incredibly busy and the day was over before I realized it. Hopefully we'll be able to do it soon. Billy's parents are going to be in town this next week, but after that for sure. :) You know ... I'm going to be at your house pretty soon ... I suppose we could wait until I get there! :) Love you!