Monday, May 9, 2011

Chop Chop

Well, I did it.  Actually, we did it.  As I mentioned yesterday, I hoped to cut Monroe's hair today, if I could muster up the courage.  With the help of my trusty sidekick, Mark, we did the deed this evening.

Here are some pics of the process:

 As you can tell, she was super excited about doing this.
 I'm no expert so this process took longer than it probably should.  
 She did surprisingly well, contrary to the way this picture looks.  All you need are a couple packets of fruit snacks and you are good to go.
 Daddy evened it all out, because that's his expertise.  
 After a bath and "blow out".  We really cut very little hair, but I think it made a big impact.  This kind of looks like a business woman cut.  Hopefully, when put in piggies it will look less "high power".
She's not 100% sold on the the new look, but she'll learn to love it.  Also, hair grows fast, right?  

So, besides the haircut, our day was pretty uneventful.  We played outside, straightened the house, and threw in a few naps in there.  I am LOVING having the new patio furniture.  It's so great to go lounge outside while Monroe plays.  We even ate lunch out there and Monroe thought that was amazing.  

We also did our grocery shopping, which has gotten A LOT more complicated since Mark decided to go vegan.  This has been terrifying for me.  I just recently started feeling more confident in the food I make.  I feel like I can accomplish it easily and pretty well.  Then, this happens. :) We are both vegetarian, but my cooking does consist of a lot of cheese, eggs and milk.  I feel like I'm starting from scratch and I'm very overwhelmed.  If you know any easy vegan recipes, please send them my way.  I would go vegan as well, just to make things easier, but because of the pregnancy, I don't feel it would be very wise.  I have my next doctor's appointment on Wednesday, so I'll ask him about it then.  

I ate Indian food tonight and I seem to be just fine!  I had purchased a groupon for the Viceroy of India almost a year ago and it expires tomorrow.  We hated to lose it, so we met for dinner this evening.  I got my regular, Mattar Paneer, and it was very good.  After dinner, we headed to the park and let Monroe swing for a very long time.  She loves swinging and would live in one if we would let her.  We finally had to go, much to her chagrin. 

I've got work tomorrow.  Our department won a little pizza party for a presentation we did and tomorrow's the day.  We planned it for the evening, in hopes that more volunteers would be able to make it, but I really don't think it made a difference.  We have about 20 coming.  It should be nice, but it will make for a later day.  Oh, well.  

I better run.  I'm pretty sleepy and morning comes all too quickly.  Love to you! 

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Hanne Noel said...

i see so much of mark in her! she is a cutie pie! great job on the hair. i have had to trim the mullet for claire many a time. always nerve racking!