Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy's Day!

This Mother's Day was pretty amazing!  We had a blast at the hotel.  The breakfast was so yummy and we had a fun time just lazing around being family.  Besides the staycation, my wonderful family got me the book I have been wanting, "Bossypants" by Tina Fey.  I also received 4 mother's day card from Mark, one from Monroe, one from Impossible P and a belated Valentine's day card from Mark.  Yes, you read right...that's how we roll and it doesn't bother me a bit.

I've already started reading it and it's as funny as I thought it would be.  This lady is hilarious!  
 Monroe at breakfast after trying grapefruit juice for the first time.  She wasn't a big fan.
 She was full of personality from 5:45am on.  She was greeting every person that came in to eat.
 Just us girls! 
 Monroe loving the ride on the elevator!  She was fascinated by how high up we were.

I did forget to mention something kind of strange that happened at the pool last night.  For the longest time it was just us in the pool area.  Mark and Monroe were in the pool and I had my legs in the hot tub. After a while, a fully dressed older gentleman made his way in.  He walked to some chairs and started undressing until all he was wearing was the tiniest of speedos.  Mark and I kept making eye contact from across the room, trying not to laugh.  We were both wondering where the guy was the pool with Mark or the small hot tub with me.  I mentally started figuring out an exit strategy for if he ended up with me, when  luckily, he made the decision to go in the pool.  You could probably hear my sigh of relief through the whole hotel.  Then, when swimming in the pool, the man all of a sudden broke out in a loud song like howl.  Mark and Monroe just looked at him shocked and I tried not to turn around, for fear I might lose it.  It was so bizarre, but made for a good laugh. Then, at breakfast, where did they set us?  Right next to that guy!  He seemed pleased to see us.      

On our way home, we stopped at the nursery and got some flowers, plants and potting soil, etc.  We worked all afternoon on the outside of the house and it looks so much better.  Here's a pic of some of my new flowers out front.  Later, I ended up moving our bistro set from the back, to the front on that rock area.  I'll have to take a picture of the whole front of the house tomorrow. 

 Some of my flower pots.
 My tulips...They are so pretty! 

We also worked on a little mini garden.  I will probably need to do some re-situating when the plants start to take off.  To start with, we are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce and cilantro.  We are doing a few plants in containers, as well. 

Here's my tiny little garden.  
My little cucumber plant that will probably soon devour every other plant.  
See Nicole, no biggie!  It still looks good! 

After working all afternoon on the outside, we ran to the store and I used some money I had been saving to purchase this patio furniture.  I'm so excited about it.  Granted, it's not amazing, but it's just what we were needing and it will be perfect for this summer.  Tonight, Kenneth, Mike and Mason helped us break it in while we barbecued out on the back porch.  It was a lovely evening, even though the Bulls lost. :(   

The New Patio Furniture  
 I really like the cushions and it is super comfortable.  

Rosie had so much fun being outside with us and playing for hours. Here are a few pics of her enjoying the great weather!

 Don't you love this outfit?!  Daddy got it for her to wear for Mother's Day!  He's sure got great taste! 

I definitely think it's time for Monroe to get a haircut.  It needs to be evened up.  I'm getting a little sick of hearing her hair compared to Jeff Daniels.  I'm not too sure it's a compliment...

Do you see the resemblance? Sadly, I do! Melissa said that she could do it for me, but she's on a trip and I'm starting to think I should try tomorrow.  We will see if I get confident enough to do it.

Well, I am thoroughly exhausted from such a wonderful, yet draining day.  Love to you and a Happy Mother's Day!

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Danielle Marie said...

Steph! I am so happy that you are the owner of "Bossypants" What a wonderful mommy's day gift. Glad you had such a wonderful day!