Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prince of Uganda needs YOUR help...

Murrill's Pearls of Wisdom has been hijacked by its biggest fan and most loyal supporter. ("This guy"--->) Steph, you really should be more creative with your passwords. ;)  Now, let's see what this whole web-logging (yea, that's what what us 'purists' call it) rage is all about.   So, this is my first go at "blogging" and I am already stressing out - it would literally (watch for proper use of "literally")take me hours to do this every night.   As I am an avid follower of this blog I have been privy to the honest reaction to 7 wonderful years of marriage libel that has taken place over the last 7-ish days and I have to say I am one lucky dude to be married to such a wonderful woman.  In honor of our anniversary and Top 7's I thought I would share the moments and periods of our relationship, in no particular order, that bring me goosebumps and good memory feelings!  **A word of caution to the casual reader, there will be some inside jokes you may not understand so I apologize.  

You two are the best... but never trust them!
1.  I am sure Steph has told you about the lies and deceit that brought us together (conniving couple --->) but she may not have said much about the memories we created the days and months following that first encounter. What I remember most fondly about our early days were the long walks (Can I Walk With You by India Aire - one of our favorites)  in afternoons at Union College. These weren't your little walks around Union's tiny campus, I'm talking, like, at least two to three miles. :/  Every day I would eagerly await the new things I would learn about the woman whom I was sure I would be walking many more miles with! 
Our walks take a little longer now than they used too!!
2.  Wedding Day- I guess it isn't much a huge surprise why this is such a memorable day  but what I haven't told too many people is what part of that amazing DAY (not NIGHT-sorry folks) stands out the most in my memory.  I remember looking out over the 9th green at the Golf Club of Oklahoma and being told I could turn around to see Steph in her dress for the first time.  It may sound superficial but it it what I remember most.  In my defense, I had been thinking about the sentimental, rest-of-my-life-with-this-girl "stuff" for months already and this was the MOST beautiful she had ever been!  Hott. 

3.  Tiny Dancer has unofficially been dubbed our "travel anthem." For some reason the iPod seems to autopilot straight to Elton John.. we try to keep it classy.  Some of my favorite memories are from our Sabbath afternoon excursions gathering ideas for what our future mansion will look like. On our cross-country treks, as we are tiny dancing, we daydream about what we want to do with our lives and the new hobbies we want to pursue (Steph's usually have to do with some sort of crafting business, preferably in Maui).  They say you learn a lot about your relationship on long trips; I couldn't be happier.  And how can you not have fond memories when Sir Elton is involved??  I mean just check this out.

Elton John - Tiny Dancer by newcanadian
This is just pure awesomeness.

It got pretty nuts...
4.  During The Great Ice Storms of December 2007 in Tulsa, Oklahoma  the true colors of Stephanie shown clearly.  In addition to losing electricity for 11 days Stephanie and I were going through some "issues" that really could have created the perfect storm in our relationship.  Instead of running from me during this time, she instead came closer and saved our family.  I look back, renewed, at that period of our relationship and the pain associated with the chapter is replaced with wonder and appreciation of what it feels like to be REALLY loved. I am blessed to be married to such a God-fearing woman.       

Murrills + Baughmans = Murmans. Please excuse the hat.
5.  I look back at all memories we made with the Baughman's and think about how lucky we were to have such amazing friends to hang out with pretty much every night!  My mom always told me we needed to appreciate our time with them and now I know why.  There were many great excursions, adventures and sleepovers to choose from but I think movie night pretty much sums the Murmans.   I love how "crazy" Steph can be and she laid it all on the line for movie night!!

6.  New Years Eve 2009 probably sticks out as one of the most fun nights I've had with Steph!  On a whim we decided to do one of the most touristy things you can possibly do in Orlando - a dinner show. Because pirates are awesome we decided to go to the swashbuckling Pirates Adventure.  Maybe it was because I managed my expectations but Captain Klegg (the pirate who represented our section.  But seriously, I have no clue if that was his name) delivered an Oscar worthy performance and brought home the booty.  Incredible.  And I haven't even mentioned the Pirate after party...      
Shiver me timbers!  That's pirate talk... you probably don't understand.
7.  Tomorrow.  I look forward with raring-to-go anticipation for what the future brings and it gives me goosebumps and good feelings just thinking about it.  I HEART you Steph.

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you kids are just too much! way to make me cry at work marky.

happy anniversary you-uns!