Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Update

I know it's been a few days.  I fully intended on blogging every day, but I have been so sleepy lately, that I just haven't been able to make myself.  Just to prove how sleepy I have been, I feel compelled to tell you another TMI story.  On Thursday night, I ended up falling asleep on the couch after we got home from dropping Stephen and Michelle at the airport.  Mark woke me up and I headed upstairs to go to bed.  I went to the restroom, washed my hands and then into my bedroom to climb into bed.  As I started to try to get into bed, I realized something was making it hard.  I looked down and noticed my underwear were still around my knees from when I went to the restroom.  Somehow, I never pulled them back up.  Yes, I was sleepy.

Friday proved to be a little bit rough.  My child seemed to be possessed by something not of this world.  We were leaving Hobby Lobby after a very uneventful shopping trip and I started to put her in the carseat. All of a sudden, a switch flipped inside of her brain and she started throwing the biggest fit ever.  There was kicking, hitting, screaming and the grand finale...Hair Pulling!  I couldn't believe it.  If we were at home, she would have gone straight to her room for time out, but we weren't home and I didn't really know what to do. I waited until she finally started to settle down...well, at least she had stopped bucking and I headed home.  She cried for a few minutes as I started driving, but she ended up relaxing.  We prayed and sang Jesus songs together the rest of the way.  We had to skip the planned stop at the park, because of the tantrum.  In her defense,  I realized when I got home, that she was starving.  She ate like she hadn't seen food in weeks, but still, that doesn't give her the right to act like a crazy banshee.  The rest of the day, she was a perfect angel.  Go figure!  The following photos were taken just minutes before we left for the infamous hobby lobby tantrum.  She looks so sweet and angelic.  How was I to know what was to come?!
 Rosie and her favorite chair.  She loves it!  
My favorite little person!  Such a sweetie.

I haven't seen much of that side of Monroe, so this newest stuff has been such a shock to me.  We have been prescribing to the "Love and Logic" parenting book/cd set.  Hopefully, we can get passed this little hiccup in the road of parenting.  On a happier note, Monroe has started being more loving and cuddly than ever.  She will just come up and hug and kiss Mark and I all the time.  It doesn't get much better than little girl arms around your neck.  I just love that kid, even when she's holding a clump of my hair.

Sabbath was a great day.  We left home at 9:30 a.m. and didn't get home until after midnight!  There were at least five times that I mentioned I wished I had my camera with me.  Sadly, I have ZERO pics to show of all the fun.

Mark taught Sabbath School so the day started early.  We had lunch at Mike and Melissa's and ended up spending the whole day with them.  We went to the park, to downtown Hinsdale to play around the fountain and back to their house for a movie.  True to form, I fell asleep halfway through.  I really wish I could stay awake, but there is something about watching movies at night that does me in.  Poor Mark always has to talk me through rest of the movie on the way home.  It kills him.

Today, we've taken it pretty easy.  We went to Target, grocery shopping and to the bank.  We also did a little work outside and I finished sanding the two little chairs.  Tomorrow, I'm going to sand the table, buy the white paint and pick up the paper I'm going to mod podge on the top.  I found the paper I want on Friday, but I wasn't sure how much to buy.  I'll get some pics of the progress tomorrow.

This afternoon, as I was taking my shower (don't judge me), Monroe was playing in her room.  I started hearing her walk passed the bathroom into the living room and back, over and over.  I would call to her and she would come see me, so I wasn't too worried, but I continued to hear the pitter patter of little feet. When I got out of the shower, I found that she had somehow gotten into the new box of diapers.  She pulled out every diaper and brought it into the living room.  She also brought out the packaged diapers that she couldn't get open.  She was dutifully working away on the project for quite awhile.  She was completely devastated when we had to put them all away.  To each their own.

I'm really starting to buy into the wives' tale that when you are pregnant with a girl, she steals all of your beauty.  I'm not saying I was anything to start with, but I swear...this kid has taken any and all good things I had going for me.  My skin is at it's all time WORST.  My facial skin has started getting age spots, and is starting to break out.  My hair is dry and lifeless. You should see my nails!  They have never looked so dull. This kid even stole my legs!  Not only are they much bigger (I can't completely blame her, I also blame Mexican food), but the skin is dry, cracky and ugly.

To try and combat this little thief:) and try and feel a bit better about myself, I have decided to start really taking care of myself.  I'm going to try and start doing my nails/toenails weekly, work on new hairstyles, walk every day, drink tons of water and experiment with a little something called drybrushing.  What's dry brushing you ask?  I recently read an article about the benefits of brushing your entire body with a dry natural bristle body brush.  I know it sounds weird, but everyone that tries it, swears by it.  Apparently, it is supposed to make your skin supple and glowing.  I used to think that's what pregnancy was supposed to do, but as you can tell, it's not been fulfilling it's part of the bargain.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm going to get a brush tomorrow.

I think we may have nailed down the name for what must be the "Most Beautiful Baby in the World".  Of course, it ended up being the first name we had come up with months ago.  I think I just needed to make sure I loved it.  Mark still wants to do a little more "shopping", but I think it's pretty much decided...maybe.  I'm not sure.  I know, I'm nuts.  

I'm feeling a little better about the vegan cooking thing.  I'm getting more confident and am starting to feel a little more adventurous!  By the way...Jenny, if you are reading this, when things settle down around your place, I would love to get some recipes from you:)  This week's menu:

Veggie Quesadillas
Crunchy Asian Salad
Dinner Roast and Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Tomatoes and Artichoke Pasta 
Veggie Fajitas (yes, again...we were inspired)
Rice and Beans (with fresh veggies on top)
Grilling (corn, veggie burgers, etc.)

Tonight, I'm going to do a bit of crafting.  I have something I'm working on that I'm pretty excited about. Hopefully, I'll get it done tonight, so I'll have something to show you tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes:)

Here are a few pictures that I took today...

 One of my tomato plants!  They are starting to take off.  I can't wait for them to actually start fruiting!
An update of my cilantro pot.  At least in this picture, you can actually see green!  Keep your fingers crossed on this one.
 This was Rosie this afternoon.  She kept pulling down her dress and would say, "Boobees!" and I kept explaining why it was so important that we don't do that...ever.   
This was Rosie working on her "Diaper" project this afternoon.

I almost forgot to mention a big milestone in the Murman family (In case you didn't know, that's Murrill and Baughman mixed together).  Mattie Belle Baughman graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday!  I can't believe it.  I remember holding that little person in my arms at the hospital after she was born.  I like to consider her part mine.  I'm so proud of the young lady she has become!  
Back when we were both much younger and smaller
The grown-up Mattie Belle Baughman  

My computer's power is dying, so I better go.  I haven't been able to proofread this, so just feel free to correct all mispellings/grammatical errors in your head.  Thanks!  Love you! 


nicole said...'ve had a busy few days:) I'm so glad I get to know all about it from your blog. I miss you! I hope we can spend some time together this week. I'm so happy Monroe likes her chairs and that you've already been inspired to work on them. I can't wait to see it all done! Congrats to the Murman family! She is a gorgeous graduate:)

Hanne Noel said...

claire had a fit in wal mart yesterday over wanting me to carry her. i explained that i could not and shop / push the cart. she could walk or ride in the cart. she proceeded to pull my pants and scream. i threatened once, then when she continued, i drug her to the bathroom and we had a heart to heart. she too was starving. i asked her, "whats the matter with you claire, are you hungry?" and she replied through sobbing, "i think i really am hungy momma." i took her to wendys across the street and she slammed an entire baked potato, and fruit cup, full jug of milk, and hudson's left over chicken. girls. can't handle their hunger! :) hang in there momma.